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A framework for building Mobile cross-platform UI.

Build Status

iOSPod version Carthage compatible
Mobile Webnpm version

Support Android 4.1 (API 16), iOS 8.0+ and WebKit 534.30+.

Note: Please note the above download distribution is only for users' users' convenience. Weex Release is always in the format of source code.

For Windows

Please INSTALL Git for Windows and run all the following commands in git-bash.

Meet Weex

  • Install Weex Playground App to see examples we already written.
  • If you want to write a demo, install weex-toolkit in Node.js 8.0+ and
  • Run weex init to generate & start a simple project in an empty folder.
  • Follow the instructions in the project README.
  • Enjoy it.

Use Weex


You should install android environment before building.

You can either build Weex from IDE (Android Studio) or command line.

Build From Android Studio

  1. Open android directory in Android Studio.
  2. Run git submodule update --init --remote in android directory if this is the first time you try to run Weex.

Build From Command Line

Please read How To Build for detail.


You should install iOS environment before building.

You can either build Weex from IDE (XCode) or command line.

Build From XCode

  • Run playground

    • cd ios/playground
    • pod install
    • Open WeexDemo.xcworkspace in Xcode
    • Click (Run button) or use default shortcut cmd + r in Xcode
    • If you want to run the demo on your device, don't need to modify CURRENT_IP manually. In DemoDefine.h(you can search this file by Xcode default shortcut cmd + shift + o), modify CURRENT_IP to your local IP
  • integrate to your application

    • CocoaPods

      Add the following line to your Podfile:

      pod 'WeexSDK'

    run pod install

    • Carthage

      Add the following line to your Cartfile:

      github "apache/incubator-weex"

    Run carthage update, and you should now have the latest version of WeexSDK in your Carthage folder.

Build From Command Line

Please read How To Build for detail.

Mobile Web

see weex-vue-render.


See SCRIPTS.md for more information.

IDE Plugin & Syntax Highlight & DevTool

Weex team have developed a DevTool to help you to improve the debugging efficiency.

See more stuff on this wiki page

Weex Community


See Weex Contributing Guide for more information.