Apache Weex is an effort undergoing incubation at The Apache Software Foundation (ASF), sponsored by the Apache Incubator. Incubation is required of all newly accepted projects until a further review indicates that the infrastructure, communications, and decision making process have stabilized in a manner consistent with other successful ASF projects. While incubation status is not necessarily a reflection of the completeness or stability of the code, it does indicate that the project has yet to be fully endorsed by the ASF.# Abstract
* Unified C++ log system of WeexCore.

* Upgrade targetsdk & compilesdk to 28
* Change Android package name from `com.taobao.weex` to `org.apache.weex`, ref [link](https://github.com/apache/incubator-weex/tree/master/android#build-types)
* Switch to BSD-Licensed [android-jsc](https://www.npmjs.com/package/jsc-android) as the default JavaScript Interpreter.

* Update build.gradle fc907aa83
* Update build.gradle 5b5addee3
* Update version for jCenter publication. ba827a56d
* Update playground version 003e31ca3
* Update build.gradle for Jcenter publication. 1d1aee746
* Update build script 1a4c9da89
* Update apache release. d8e1ed904
* update HOW-TO-BUILD.md (#2969) cadd403fc
* Update Readme 1020a98ad
* Update playground 4f891d989
* Update readme 06cb9dd61
* Update readme. a70ba5c08
* Update playground 82bc2ce8b
* Add the ability of unbundling JSC from weex_sdk.aar. 5edef9554
* [fix] fix npe in core_side_platform refresh an eagle instance 70b2e9cd0
* Update build.gradle ae3c0e83d
* Update HOW-TO-BUILD.md b33c4ea0e
* Update publish_release_candiate. d17bd0b10
* Remove .iml fiie e317671d6
* Update setting.gradle ac460b44e
* Update changelog 25e95f176
* Remove possible-notices-for-bin-dist 03235ce64
* [Android] Fix task order problem. (#2964) 0688a2419
* Add ASF license header to a bunch of files. (#2963) ce518bcdb
* [Android] Download JSC header files from remote during compiling (#2960) 685ec8acd
*  [Android] Remove shared library from binary of Weex (#2940) 739e07f3e
* Update scripts for apache release. 01adab8c1
* Add clearBFCs method and clear BFCs after self-layout of scroller node. 43f5edb6f
* [iOS] Fix slider crash on iOS9 7bb97fc60
* [iOS] Rename the backgroundColor property name. (#2951) 51c8d1258
* Fix eagle refresh instance Npe be912769d
* [iOS Use property to access 'backgroundColor'. (#2948) c778ff372
* [iOS] Remove useless switch. 97840a1f2
* [iOS] Remove useless switch. 3919fdbc4
* [iOS] Use lock to add mutex for _backgroundColor property usage. ce42fd610
* Revert "[iOS] Fix problem that _backgroundColor causing multithread crashing. (#2934)" e2ca90622
* Revert "[iOS] Fix the problem that background color should use [UIColor clearColor] instance when transparent. (#2942)" 3a8a7ffd8
* Revert "[iOS] Fix the problem that background color should use [UIColor clearColor] instance when transparent. (#2943)" 65e7acbe1
* [iOS] Protect endless iteration when setting index for slider view. cb7fe0323
* [iOS] Fix the problem that background color should use [UIColor clearColor] instance when transparent. (#2943) f2786a184
* [Android] add log for reload and fm init count b107915a3
* Update Travis 41351337c
* [Android] open enableAlarmSignal config 555ae8226
* [iOS] Fix the problem that background color should use [UIColor clearColor] instance when transparent. (#2942) 2c169da9b
* [Android] public method readStreamToString 55c1da46d
* Double11 fix2 (#2937) 69cfe53cd
* Fix CTFont changed under xcode11 build. (#2936) 344bb3f7a
* [Android] Rename packageName from `com.taobao.weex` to `org.apache.weex` (#2885) 7548ba621
*  [Android] Remove android test files as they are not runnable anyway and could lead confusion by the package name `com.taobao.weex (#2932) 601fcb261
* [Android] Split whitescreen code which reboot count>50 c8ab8f17b
* [iOS] Fix problem that _backgroundColor causing multithread crashing. (#2934) 87454ac33
* [iOS] Protect for invalid JSON object on iOS13 which will crash. 146169900
*  [Android] Avoid ArrayIndexOutOfBounds in RenderPage::MoveRenderObject (#2919) ec1ec238c
* [iOS] Remove 'Too many timers' report. (#2930) e8f323a00
*  [Android] Change JNI string in cpp/h file (#2928) 724d8878f
* [Android] Split build.gradle file into 5 files. (#2927) c54282302
* [Android] Add the ability of renaming package by -PapachePackageName=false (#2925) 9b07a12a4
*  [Android] Make Travis quiet. (#2926) 334ca88a6
* Bugfx/revert 2783 2883 (#2924) bc32968cf
* Revert "[Android]support "wx" in animation and wxtext (#2783)" b9c003a74
* Revert "[Android] Change default value to from NAN to 0 (#2883)" fe41a75da
* [iOS] add WXTabbarComponentCreatedCallback on instance e2dc1bb05
* [Android] close alarm_signal for release test (#2916) 3c6eb357c
* [Android] close alarm_signal for release test 2bef3bb41
* [iOS] Add last page info. (#2918) 549915468
* [Android] Avoid multiple error. (#2915) 4ce90b04b
* [Android] Revert WeexFrame (#2912) 3337bc82a
* [Travis] Fail travis if Android build fails (#2911) 5de6b6b28
* [Android] Build playground in Travis (#2910) 3279829e8
* [Android] add mode check (#2908) d24e5af1e
* [iOS] close MultiJSThread and add some log 08345d7c6
* [Android] dump ipc mmap page flag when white screen (#2903) c06d42e97
* bugfix ios 8.11.1 crash by destroy instance on multithreading e788595a0
* bugfix ios 8.11.1 multithreading crash by eagle destroy instance 263521e60
* [Android] Fix Crash in NotifyLayout (#2902) 5e8d9ac93
* [Android] fix white screen cause deadlock (#2901) 89a1097d2
*  [Android] add For Webview get OnActivity Result (#2899) 8a6c6fa02
* Initialize weex using portrait screen size. (#2898) 393969296
* [Android] Fix ClassCastException in WXComponent.updateProperties() (#2897) b94e83074
* Optimize iOS logs. (#2896) 4ce557b6d
* Fix bug that when view is not loaded or not attached to a window, the CA animation completion callback is immediately called. d951f9729
* [iOS] Break retain cycle when set function of JSContext cbb8af1a4
* [iOS] Release property name after set property a32c5782c
* [Android] Change default value to from NAN to 0 (#2883) 6daad9ee3
* [iOS] public the dictionary of recordStatsMap and recordStageMap (#2882) a554cd6c9
* [Android] Fix crash in receiver. (#2840) 7543ea757
* fix crash if mmap failed (#2880) 440ae80ad
* [Android] Remove duplicate receiver in manifest and remove final from class definition. (#2879) cbfb57bee
* Fix nullable annotation. (#2878) 72b0bdb9b
* Change some error level log to debug level (#2877) 23821f9f0
* [iOS] modify eagle error code group from js to native d06b96e3d
* Update ErrorCode (#2875) e580b36a5
* Fix potential crash of animation. 8ce131838
* [Android]move wrap.sh to android/sdk (#2868) e50844f75
* [Android] Add support for screen rotation (#2867) 655200236
* [Android]support "wx" in animation and wxtext (#2783) 1f54d46bd
* [Android] Support for ASAN (#2862) 59f1ee0cb
* [iOS]fix crash when call getlayouttime c24fd9466
* C++文件改为" " 导入方式 9e5fc1fc3
* 删除test中调用未公开方法 6a45fd5cb
* [iOS] add  a callback on wxsdkinstance dd6a39bd3
* Feature/try fix top native crash fd problem (#2854) af7c957b2
* avoid log npe (#2856) 8722cf338
* optional调整 648e0f5b3
* 修改WeexSDKTests,测试通过 4912fd125
* Public Header 添加WXStreamModule.h, 构建成功 42a7d6f22
* 初步optional适配 3c3dd9ec0
* Fix npe (#2842) f64a86608
* [Android] Do not sent ipc message when son process crashed (#2838) 5bce92c58
* add new TimeCalculator for defaultConstructor (#2836) 5e969866c
* [iOS] fix the offset error of textarea a7d6d3a0d
* [Android] Fix C++ Crash in WeexCore::NotifyLayout. (#2831) f3c3c17a7
* [Android] Fix Android Crash in PostTaskToMsgLoop (#2830) 16e476e24
* Revert "[Android] Android] restart weexCoreThread when reload JSEngine because thread maybe in lock state and can't execute reload action (block) (#2824)" (#2829) 36fdc330c
* [iOS] add flag of grey bundle (#2828) 84c3bb9e6
* [Android] Fix Android JNI Crash (#2827) 7e54ac5c1
* [Android] record ipc exception history and weexCoreThread stackTrace when white screen or js process died/reload (#2826) a994ce97e
* [Android] Android] restart weexCoreThread when reload JSEngine because thread maybe in lock state and can't execute reload action (block) (#2824) c72e6b5a8
* [iOS] output render timeline on iOS 86bc455a5
* Do Not abort when Ipc receive end type (#2814) ff2c0792e
* layout引擎Frame计算修改为向上取整 4b6903533
* [iOS] Protect nil argument for convertContainerToImmutable. c09b54b81
* Avoid wx_component nil 11afad896
* 添加eventPenetrationEnabled属性,属性为true时,当响应者为自身时将事件穿透传递(子视图正常响应) 5f586c3d7
* setUserInteractionEnabled b8ac8fa6e
* 修改属性为BOOL 71268b5d3
* fix travis ci 6f9c3f093
* [Android] fix list op bug in Multithreading (#2798) 185524704
* fix remaining oclint warning 731780044
* fix remaining oclint warning b02199ee4
* [Travis] Change git clone depth to 1(false) (#2796) 3980f26a4
* use lastest weex-playground ceef4534c
* update .travis.yml and reset playground 0cd3e4cd7
* remove codeFormat task in Travis CI da83464f2
* reset Gemfile.lock 7e0165546
* update changes for code review b21ef7e60
* resolve conflict 6e2a51eef
* resolve conflict 02443726d
* [Travis] Add Lint in TravisCI and Update iOS TravisCI (#2731) 3bfb61912
* [Android] record jsbundle execute time (#2793) 0135e3c5d
* [Android] Upgrade to android 28 (#2791) d469e47b5
* [iOS] fix logimplement crash 7c48b0d69
* [Android] white_screen check ignore unvisible view (alpha unvisible) (#2788) 586271769
* [iOS] support jsTaskQueue thread safe bc252dc49
* [Core] Fix header file path (#2787) b333c987e
* View支持userInteraction属性 7cda54cf1
* reset weex-playground be622ac35
* update c958456a0
* Do not reboot jsc manually if jsc is crashed (#2782) 6da71f05e
* add //!OCLintin those code line which need skip oclint 331636681
* [Android] Fix problems in Android Lint (#2781) 24a30b31e
* [Android] Add some annotation to suppress android lint. (#2779) 9ea64b90a
* reset unrelated file 8fe222e09
* reset unrelated file 3e65784b2
* reset unrelated file 5f7d3d5b3
* fix oclint warning 18b13b088
* [Android] Fix problems in Android Lint (#2777) 756eb7874
* Fix some lint problems (#2776) 529a56fee
* [iOS] add fake performance detail data for server test (#2775) cf31bc0bb
* [iOS] Convert to immutable instance. Make code stronger. (#2772) dc63c56bb
* Feature/new log branch (#2768) 10ddeced1
* [iOS] Protect animation argument missing which cause crash on iOS. (#2771) 7b51a1dbe
* [Android] Avoid duplicated call of setViewPort (#2764) b2a455a43
* [iOS] fix multi jsthread error e4c48f585
* reset java file 2f2d3a7be
* add comment to danger-output.js fddd73ac5
* format androidlint output and add a java file for test 8ef6a1026
* format androidlint output c535016fa
*  [Android] record performance detail cost (#2769) 76bfd6b5b
* reset java file fb5fbb6cc
* test android lint 98dc05539
* [iOS] fix interaction time bad case : keyboard show and input (addView) 8ce7d11ac
* [Core] support Richtext component on eagle (#2766) 0b12b28d4
* remove android lint plugin 31004d03a
* finish 0400639b2
* update xml directory cd13248f9
* read sdk/build/reports/lint-results.xml and update b6aa447eb
* read sdk/build/reports/lint-results.xml 18bd2097e
* remove android lint plugin test2 d0b48c081
* remove android lint plugin 25838240c
* only keep android lint to test 9 3e661369e
* only keep android lint to test 8 efa2145d1
* only keep android lint to test 7 1e5f1a6c0
* only keep android lint to test 6 392c8360d
* only keep android lint to test 5 5a22656a1
* only keep android lint to test 084777cec
* only keep android lint to test 90c3a8792
* only keep android lint to test 5d4c33416
* add lintOptions:xmlReport true in android/sdk/build.gradle 6e3b2e7e6
* remove modify for Gemfile.lock 8dfff58c8
* fix android lint plugin 677c3fe01
* add -quiet to solve log too log and increase git init in android e3e9a0a1a
* try to fix ios build error f07e90f1d
* brew update node cba1a26c2
* remove osx_image: xcode7.2 and add cd android 049f48142
* add java file 4c159fd30
* update  to grep 65647dd2f
* change to yarn because npm package error and install android lint plugin 748fa4411
* reset package.json and package-lock.json 09bf60ea8
* reset yarn to npm run danger -- 51a05c015
* Support "wx" in  Transform.translate ca289f46e
* update node to 12.6 e563bbf94
* update npm package 1d9d5a0c1
* update f3cf951e5
* [Android] fix interaction badcase (#2762) 2b9d773ce
* update danger run to danger ci daed95cca
* update npm from 7.6 to 8.0 3083794a9
* update npm to yarn e91e1e076
* remove -i 19436369b
* update danger from 0.8 to 9.0 And --danger-id d25582d1a
* Update ReadMe and contributing (#2760) 31f708903
* update bc0579386
* reset .travis.yml and Gemfile 0df574e78
* output oclint message 11dd0e506
* test DEBUG="*" e50cfb188
* Fix heron event (#2747) a0aae4ff7
* update  ClassLoaderAdapter.java f79edc184
* Update ClassLoaderAdapter.java fef51ddec
* update ClassLoaderAdapter.java 8ef0ecc30
* Update ClassLoaderAdapter.java 3531b256e
* Update ClassLoaderAdapter.java d6917085c
* Update .travis.yml b66e8b8ee
* test dangerfile static check 1dd7270c3
* fix playground build fail d9ee7e6b6
* merge efc46147c
* [Danger] Add some static check rules in dangerfile (#2676) 0898c8f57
* [Android] Fix show-indicators doesn't work. (#2746) 7e7bec08b
* [Doc] Update contributing.md (#2745) 1d81470ca
* [Android] Remove duplicated file which is the same as weex_core/Source/base/android/jniprebuild/jniheader/WXBridge_jni.h (#2744) d91e735a6
* Update .travis.yml ce436aa46
* ios uitest fail and exit 97ae5152f
* [Android] Fix setViewPort invalid (#2738) 6631c9def
* update3 e199c3f7e
* update3 d9431109d
* update3 5b49f3577
* update3 ce77b0cb7
* update2 266bcb6fa
* update 9bb8a1061
* upload ios/sdk/.gitignore a4777c483
* Delete 1.sh b7d474efa
* test-5 d4d3efd3d
* test-4 76f0e2f88
* test-3 c678b2cfc
* test -2 86de4c3f9
* test 78ffbd503
* test c0e261ff8
* update android and ios e8321bc86
* update android and ios 160b8aad8
* update 8a36f04c6
* update 59ac99180
* update 310c32e52
* .travis.yml 6dbff5cac
* .travis.yml 006c765b4
* update .travis.yml for oclint 7a5f6b049
* merge bfc7a40e3
* Move uikit type report to proper position so that apmInstance will not ignore it. (#2741) e93bd9141
* test ios travis 615f84dda
* test 7cba71bf8
* update .travis.yml acc85c199
* adjust job order 193124d87
* test code format and asan2 2aff44d3a
* test code format and asan 931cbc07d
* test code format and asan 7b8def1db
* test code format and asan 69a406b55
* add asan cedf4fb41
* add asan 950a8cbdb
* [Android] Change log. (#2739) 9768a92da
* test for dangerfile ruby 4b30d748e
* test for dangerfile ruby b6cb33bd9
* test for dangerfile ruby 2d964506f
* test for dangerfile ruby b189e3d45
* test for dangerfile ruby a52a63505
* test for dangerfile ruby d0407b95d
* [Android] close runtimeApi mode for performance issue. and will reopen when issue fixed (#2736) 222cdce62
* test 9907c9111
* test d439e9981
* test 18a95737d
* test d54f801f9
* test b6711dce5
* Update .travis.yml dbcaa922b
* add new line in android/sdk/src/main/java/com/taobao/weex/adapter/ClassLoaderAdapter.java 45dbeafe6
* add new line in android/sdk/src/main/java/com/taobao/weex/adapter/ClassLoaderAdapter.java 0cbc129b1
* add new line in android/sdk/src/main/java/com/taobao/weex/adapter/ClassLoaderAdapter.java eed9cc454
* add new line in android/sdk/src/main/java/com/taobao/weex/adapter/ClassLoaderAdapter.java 82c5bb601
* add new line in android/sdk/src/main/java/com/taobao/weex/adapter/ClassLoaderAdapter.java dc625cfad
* test android code format ca1573b8d
* Fix text line-height property error 272a39360
* delete 0adc403ba
* upload ios/sdk/.gitignore 7804e01c5
* Delete 1.sh 345a85eae
* test-5 cb0687b5b
* test-5 798e86771
* test-4 3825f0039
* test-3 45632bfd1
* test -2 c19263cbe
* test 70382ff8c
* test d226c555b
* update android and ios fce5c37ff
* update android and ios c2ff7d008
* update da83adfe7
* update 5aa966d6b
* update 1c99e5911
* [Android] fix timeout args get and fix js microtask Timing (#2729) 72c51f076
* [Android] Update component data report (#2728) f15b5f66c
* .travis.yml 2a2e99870
* .travis.yml 175b74717
* update .travis.yml for oclint bbf94462b
* update .travis.yml for oclint d6d127f94
* Fix Chinese text italic property f8c3d2926
* Fix Chinese text italic property 5bcbe6d17
* [Android] add jsthread watch log && more log (#2722) 1ee8c7432
* [Android] add bigCell detail msg for analyzer on debug performance mode (#2719) 124543208
* [Android] report error when reboot count > CRASHREINIT (#2720) 49f0cf9f9
* [Android] Update for libweexjsb path (#2712) 57bd65c64
*  [Android] Move initialization of PlatformBridge to JNI_Load(#2715) 1e40e9ced
* Pass immutable arguments to JS to avoid JSC crash. (#2714) c371398f9
* [iOS] Update TravisCI  for  iOS. (#2713) 34811191e
* Update build.gradle (#2711) d2d2b614b
* iOS playground seperation (#2709) 5f01b57c2
* [Android] Update build.gradle and TravisCI (#2703) 05555b362
* [Android] Fix build error (#2710) b0ba7bc2e
* add .muppignoresubmodule (#2708) 6259ffcbe
* [Android] No need to reboot js engine if render by eagle (#2696) 961ac8348
* [Android] Throw link error if load so failed in debugApp (#2705) cea65ecd8
* [jsfm] Also enable the promise polyfill on Android (#2704) eae533c5a
* merge 7e93ae36d
* [Android] Separate playground (#2688) 05c675869
* [Android] Fix createFinish problem (#2701) 23c8f3e47
* Improve Podspec (#2693) 1afd84854
* Change ThreadLocker's location cab9ab7e0
* [Android] Change license rule in build.gradle (#2690) 674f95fc2
* Remove unused files of iOS. (#2687) dc3dfff28
* [iOS] fix compile error 862c0bf0e
* Merge 0.26 (#2685) a7df76c89
* Update Weex Version e9078b2ac
* Update release script. bab3d2884
* remove high-ndk-api-level (#2677) 0c284c982
* Fix crash of accessing apm stage data not in component thread. (#2678) 56444e0c1
* [jsruntime] add runtime code (a/b) and build success (#2669) f6f1127b7
* fix crash 2533381d1
* [Android] FIX NP (#2670) 74e98b027
* Add render time origin fix. Fix issue that interaction time calculated by heron is much different with platform. (#2666) 354c15de6
* [Android] bugfix of  the scrollstart and scrollend  event mismatching (#2638) c928c5c76
* Do not check multi thread flag when create instance (#2667) 7e274f2dc
* [Android]remove gpu overflow reporter (#2664) b668f3005
* [Android] Fix potential NPE (#2662) 159ccdc2f
* [Android] Fix potential NPE (#2663) ce01b5b95
* [Android]fix slider border radius invalid problem (#2658) 32fac7675
* Update TravisCI (#2634) fdec2eeae
* [Android] Supply message for version check tool failure. (#2649) d8bbe7453
* strtof -> strtod (#2648) c2b366447
* [Android] fix ConcurrentModificationException for analyzerList && print error log when exception (#2647) 45da9ef46
* [Android] Add Log for subProcess (#2644) 4695a70f0
* fix corner 4e888775c
* Remove iOS9 deprecated interface usage. (#2643) 3768c8fa5
* Upgrade iOS deployment target to 9.0 (#2641) 29a600a09
* Merge heron into master (#2636) 67bad4f44
* [Android] solve components exceed gpu limit problem (#2603) 48a7cb7cf
* Update TravisCI for android NDK (#2319) d23e29c05
* [iOS] Fix dynamic library build issue. (#2631) c2dcc1abd
* [Android] fix whiteScreen viewTree record && run state history record (#2629) 925a922d6
* [iOS] add execute jsbundle time point (#2628) 19602910a
Update publish_release_candiate.
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A framework for building Mobile cross-platform UI.

Build Status

iOSPod version Carthage compatible
Mobile Webnpm version

Support Android 4.1 (API 16), iOS 8.0+ and WebKit 534.30+.

Note: Please note the above download distribution is only for users' users' convenience. Weex Release is always in the format of source code.

For Windows

Please INSTALL Git for Windows and run all the following commands in git-bash.

Meet Weex

  • Install Weex Playground App to see examples we already written.
  • If you want to write a demo, install weex-toolkit in Node.js 8.0+ and
  • Run weex init to generate & start a simple project in an empty folder.
  • Follow the instructions in the project README.
  • Enjoy it.

Use Weex


You should install android environment before building.

You can either build Weex from IDE (Android Studio) or command line.

Build From Android Studio

  1. Open android directory in Android Studio.
  2. Run git submodule update --init --remote in android directory if this is the first time you try to run Weex.

Build From Command Line

Please read How To Build for detail.


You should install iOS environment before building.

You can either build Weex from IDE (XCode) or command line.

Build From XCode

  • Run playground

    • cd ios/playground
    • pod install
    • Open WeexDemo.xcworkspace in Xcode
    • Click (Run button) or use default shortcut cmd + r in Xcode
    • If you want to run the demo on your device, don't need to modify CURRENT_IP manually. In DemoDefine.h(you can search this file by Xcode default shortcut cmd + shift + o), modify CURRENT_IP to your local IP
  • integrate to your application

    • CocoaPods

      Add the following line to your Podfile:

      pod 'WeexSDK'

    run pod install

    • Carthage

      Add the following line to your Cartfile:

      github "apache/incubator-weex"

    Run carthage update, and you should now have the latest version of WeexSDK in your Carthage folder.

Build From Command Line

Please read How To Build for detail.

Mobile Web

see weex-vue-render.


See SCRIPTS.md for more information.

IDE Plugin & Syntax Highlight & DevTool

Weex team have developed a DevTool to help you to improve the debugging efficiency.

See more stuff on this wiki page

Weex Community


See Weex Contributing Guide for more information.