Weex Cross-platform Test


Setup Macaca


Test Build-in Cases

  1. Go root folder of weex Project
  2. execute npm install to install all dependencies
  3. execute ./test/serve.sh to build and serve test bundles.
  4. execute ./test/run.sh [platform] to perform weex sdk tests, platform could be all(default),android,ios,h5.

Test Separate Project **todo##

execute ‘bash run.sh [platform] [path]’ will run test against [path] folder as long as it has same structure as SDK's ‘test’ folder.


These tests target covering all build-in common components' and modules' functions. Including common UI patterns used by real-world application. Such as a list-based page, a form with all kind of input, etc.


  • scripts:
    Test scripts. Test command will execute each script under this folder.
  • pages:
    Weex page scripts. These pages will be builded before running test cases. Actually,all the tests is running in these pages.