• Support arm64 & ndk18 on Android platform.
  • Android JSC Runtime refactor.
  • Android & iOS multi-size screen & rotation support.
  • Background JS thread on iOS.
  • Log module on iOS and Android to support redirection
  • Synchronous call of component methods.
  • Unified C++ log system of WeexCore.

Main Bugfix

  • Animation module crash on iOS.
  • RTL layout crash on iOS.
  • NSTimer not removed by WXTimerModule on iOS.
  • Occasionally showing placeholder instead of main image on iOS.
  • Animation end progress error on iOS.
  • Some NPE issues on Android.
  • Closing fd multiple times on Android IPC.
  • box-shadow crash protection on Android.
  • GPU texture size overflow protection on Android.
  • Weexcore.so loading failure problem on Android.