There are several scripts for end-user and developer.

For end users you can only know npm run build and npm run serve to start and npm run dev:examples to write or modify a demo.

  • npm run build:native: build JS framework for native renderer to packages/weex-js-framework/index.js.
  • npm run build:examples: build all js bundles from examples/ to examples/build/.
  • npm run build:test: build all js bundles from test/ to test/build/.
  • npm run build: build all above.
  • npm run dev:native, npm run dev:examples, npm run dev:test are the watcher mode for all build scripts, any file changes will automatically be built.
  • npm run serve: run a http server so you can access all examples in browser through http://localhost:12580/. note: you must run npm run build first to prepare all the built files.
  • npm run clean:examples: clean examples/build/.
  • npm run clean:test: clean test/build/.
  • npm run clean: clean both examples/build/ and test/build/.
  • npm run copy: copy JS framework and examples into Android project.
  • npm run lint, npm run test, npm run cover and npm run ci are something quality assurance.