EEUI is a standalone and complete framework based on WeexSDK development (EEUI only supports Android, iOS, and does not support WEB).

:::danger EEUI is a three-party framework that is not developed or maintained by Apache Weex. :::



In addition to the original Weex components, EEUI comes with many useful components:

  • <banner> - Carousel control, support for infinite loops, support for any component
  • <button> - preset common button
  • <grid> - a paged grid container
  • <icon> - Font icon, support 1126+ font icons
  • <marquee> - a container for horizontally scrolling text automatically
  • <navbar> - preset navigation bar
  • <ripple> - A water ripple effect container that produces an outward diffusion when a click on an element
  • <scroll-text> - A container for scrolling text horizontally, suitable for single-line announcements
  • <scroll-view> - List container, different from Weex's own list container, with native pull-down refresh + pull-up loading more
  • <tabbar> - Powerful tab page
  • <web-view> - Powerful web page container
  • More components...


In addition to Weex's original modules, EEUI comes with many useful modules:

  • adDialog - ad popup
  • ajax - asynchronous request, support for get, post
  • alert - dialog box, prompt box, confirmation prompt box, input prompt box
  • captcha - verify popup, slide verification
  • keyboard - keyboard function, dynamically hide the soft keyboard, determine whether the soft keyboard is visible
  • loading - Wait for the pop-up window to support more than 12+ waits
  • navigationBar - system navigation title bar, will not be popped by the soft keyboard, causing the navigation bar to move up
  • newPage - page function, open page, dynamically load page, intercept Android physical return key, status bar font color, ..., etc. 20+ kinds of page related functions
  • openOtherApp - Open other apps , support to open WeChat, Alipay, qq, Jingdong
  • saveImage - save the network image to the local
  • getImageSize - Get the size of the web image
  • scaner - QR code scanning
  • share - text image system sharing
  • storage - data storage, support app cache (restart app data is not cleared), app global variables (restart app data cleanup)
  • system - system information, Android gets IMEI, iOS gets system information such as IFA
  • toast - Toast simple and easy toast
  • More modules...

Plug-in Market

EEUI provides a complete plug-in market, which can add more business needs through the plug-in market when the original components and modules are not enough for business needs:

  • websocket - instant messaging
  • screenshots - Screenshot function components
  • citypicker - city selector
  • picture - picture selector, video selection, picture taking, video recording, compressed picture, preview picture, preview video
  • rongim - connection login, chat room business
  • umeng - Push module
  • pay - third party payment module (Alipay, WeChat payment)
  • audio - audio playback, audio duration
  • deviceInfo - device information, network status, device vibration, screen information, volume information, battery information
  • amap - amap
  • videoView - video player component
  • communication - make calls directly, send text messages, send mail
  • geolocation - get the current location, real-time monitoring and positioning
  • recorder - Recorder support channel, band
  • accelerometer - accelerator, get the current acceleration, real-time monitoring acceleration
  • compass - compass, get the current azimuth, real-time monitoring azimuth
  • Plugin marketDevelopment plugin

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