title: Front-End Frameworks type: guide group: Overview order: 1.5 version: 2.1

Vue and Rax

Front-end Frameworks in Weex

Front-end technologies seem flourishing and productive. Using front-end frameworks in production is a good way to write maintainable apps.

However, Weex is not a front-end framework. Indeed, front-end frameworks are just the syntax layer or DSL (Domain-specific Language) of Weex, they are decoupled from native render engines. In another word, Weex does not rely on any specific front-end frameworks. With the evolution of the technology, Weex can integrate more widely used front-end frameworks as well.

Currently, Weex mainly supports Vue.js and Rax, and those frameworks are already integrated into Weex SDK, you don't need to require them manually.

Learn some basics of Vue.js or Rax could be very helpful when you are using Weex.

It is better to learn some basics of Vue.js or Rax before using Weex.


Weex integrated the v2 version of Vue.js since WeexSDK v0.10.0 is released at 2017/02/17. Vue (pronounced /vjuː/, like view) is a progressive front-end framework for building user interfaces. Please refer to its official website for more information.

Please refer to Use Vue.js on Weex document to learn more technics about Weex and Vue.


Rax is a front-end framework with React-compatible APIs.

Please refer to Rax's official website to get more information.