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Weex Website

This is the source code of Weex official website.


First you should install the Node.js, and install dependencies:

npm install

After that, you can start a web server to preview the website on your local machine.

npm run dev

It will start a web server at http://localhost:8080. The pages will be updated automatically once you save the corresponding source file.


The documents are written in Markdown format located in the docs folder. Feel free to send pull requests!

How to add a blog

To write a blog, edit ‘docs/.vuepress/config.js’.

  • Search ‘blog’ in this file. Edit blog section and add your article filename(without ‘md’ extension) and title.
'/blog/': [['write-a-blog', 'Write a Blog'], ['your-file-name', 'Your article title']]
'/zh/blog/': [['write-a-blog', '写一篇博客'], ['your-file-name', '你的文章标题']]
  • Add your file(with ‘md’ extension) in ‘docs/blog’ and ‘docs/zn/blog’ directories.