A Weex compatible library for users before 0.27

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This project services as a compatible library for Android users of Weex. As we rename Java package from com.taobao.weex to org.apache of weex_sdk, users would meet compiling problems if they upgrade to the latest version of weex and still import com.taobao.weex in their code.

Therefore, we provide this library for users' convenience without changing their code and still make use of the latest version of Weex.

Target users

You should not import this library unless the following conditions all meets:

  • You are using weex in Android platform.
  • You have code dependency for Weex 0.26 or prior.
  • You don't want change your code to fit Weex 0.27 at this time.

New users of Weex should never import this library.


This library may be removed or deprecated in the future, please change your code to fit latest API of Weex when it's convenience for you.