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The Apache Wayang team happily welcomes contributors and supporters of this nice Podling.

Contributions, bug reports, and suggestions are welcome to Wayang code, website, documentation, and everything else! Inside the documentation, you can find How to contribute with more details. The Team is waiting for you join to this Podling.

Mailing List

Mailing list is where we discuss in public and keep everything tracked. You are welcomed to subscribe it if you wish:

  • To be informed about bug reports or feature requests.
  • To discuss developing plans or specific issues.
  • To offer helps to those who ask questions by email.
  • Give us ideas to make Wayang better for you and all the community.

The emails where you can get subscribe are:

How to subscribe to a mailing list

Send an email without any contents or subject to (replace LISTNAME with dev, commits, ..) Wait till you receive an email with the subject “confirm subscribe to”. Reply to that email, without editing the subject or including any contents Wait till you receive an email with the subject “WELCOME to”.

If you send us an email with a code snippet, make sure that:

  • you do not link to files in external services as such files can change, get deleted, or the link might break and thus make an archived email thread useless
  • you paste text instead of screenshots of text
  • you keep formatting when pasting code in order to keep the code readable
  • there are enough import statements to avoid ambiguities
  • if you are using some platform, please specify the version

Watch the email without subscribe

These two channels are public mailing list, and you can get access to them on Website without subscribing.

Community Hubs

Source Code Repositories

Wayang Core Repository

ASF repository :

GitHub mirror :

Wayang Web Page Repository

ASF repository :

GitHub mirror :

Issues, Bugs and Features

If you have a specific bug to report or feature request, we suggest opening an issue in Jira.



{:class=“table table-bordered table-striped table-hover”} | Name | Role | Apache ID | | ------------------ |:----------------:| ---------- | | Alexander Alten | PPMC, Committer | aloalt | | Anis Troudi | PPMC, Committer | atroudi | | Bertty Contreras | PPMC, Committer | bertty | | Jorge Quiané | PPMC, Committer | quiaru | | Rodrigo Pardo Meza | PPMC, Committer | rpardomeza | | Zoi Kaoudi | PPMC, Committer | zkaoudi |

You can reach committers directly at <apache-id>

Former mentors

The following people were very kind to mentor the project while in incubation.

{:class=“table table-bordered table-striped table-hover”} | Name | Apache ID | | -------------------- | ----------- | | Bernd Fondermann | berndf | | Christofer Dutz | cdutz | | Jean-Baptiste Onofré | jbonofre | | Lars George | larsgeorge |

Donations to Wayang

The Logo and design style of the webpage it was donate by Brian Vera