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Release Note


  • Major bug fixes

    • Partition cannot be accessed in MapReduce when the reduce task number exceeds 1024.
    • Get shuffle result failure caused by concurrent calls to registerShuffle.
    • Inconsistent blocks caused by missing length in RssUtils#transIndexDataToSegments.
    • Handle NPE in WriteBufferManager#addRecord in the same way as Spark.
    • AbstractStorage#containsWriteHandler is checking the wrong Map.
    • indexWriter isn't closed if exception is thrown when closing dataWriter.
    • Incorrect dependency of protobuf-java at compile time.
    • Potential memory leak when encountering disk unhealthy.
  • Minor bug fixes

    • Potenial missing reads of exclude nodes.
    • Incorrect contributing link in pull-request template.
    • Incorrect spark metrics.


  • [ISSUE-257] RssMRUtils#getBlockId change the partitionId of int type to long (#266)
  • [ISSUE-273][BUG] Get shuffle result failed caused by concurrent calls to registerShuffle (#274)
  • Fix potenial missing reads of exclude nodes (#269)
  • [ISSUE-239][BUG] RssUtils#transIndexDataToSegments should consider the length of the data file (#275)
  • Fix NPE in WriteBufferManager.addRecord (#296)
  • Fix AbstractStorage#containsWriteHandler (#281)
  • Correct the pull-request contributing link in template (#314)
  • [BUG] Fix incorrect spark metrics (#324)
  • [ISSUE-364] Fix indexWriter don't close if exception thrown when close dataWriter (#349)
  • [ISSUE-228] Fix the problem of protobuf-java incorrect dependency at compile time (#362)
  • Bump project version to 0.6.1
  • [BUG] Potenial memory leak when encountering disk unhealthy (#370)