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Relayer application

This application relays two hobbits endpoints.


$> bin/hobbits-relayer --help
Usage: <main class> [-h] [-b=<bind>] [-t=<to>]
  -b, --bind=<bind>   Endpoint to bind to
  -h, --help          Prints usage prompt
  -t, --to=<to>       Endpoint to relay to

The application prints out messages to STDOUT.

Sample use:

Listen to a port

$> netcat -l -p 18000

Set up the relayer:

$> bin/hobbits-relayer -b tcp://localhost:10000 -t tcp://localhost:18000

Send a message:

$> cat message 
EWP 0.2 RPC 5 5
$> cat message | netcat localhost 10000

The relayer will show the message:

EWP 0.2 RPC 5 5

The listener will show the message, received:

$> netcat -l -p 18000
EWP 0.2 RPC 5 5

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