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Gossip application

This application creates a sample standalone application applying the Plumtree gossip library.

$>bin/gossip --help
 Usage: <main class> [-h] [--sending] [--numberOfMessages=<numberOfMessages>]
                     [--sendInterval=<sendInterval>] [-c=<configPath>]
                     [-l=<port>] [-m=<messageLog>] [-n=<networkInterface>]
                     [-r=<rpcPort>] [-p[=<peers>...]]...
                             Number of messages to publish (load testing)
                             Size of the random payload to send to other peers (load
       --sending             Whether this peer sends random messages to all other
                               peers (load testing)
                             Interval to wait in between sending messages in
                               milliseconds (load testing)
   -c, --config=<configPath> Configuration file.
   -h, --help                Prints usage prompt
   -l, --listen=<port>       Port to listen on
   -m, --messageLog=<messageLog>
                             Log file where messages are stored
   -n, --networkInterface=<networkInterface>
                             Network interface to bind to
   -p, --peer[=<peers>...]   Static peers list
   -r, --rpc=<rpcPort>       RPC port to listen on

Example usage:

$>bin/gossip --sending --payloadSize 512 --sendInterval 200 -l 2000 -r 4000 -n -p tcp:// -p tcp://

You can configure this application to send random messages to other peers. The application can also open up a RPC port accepting messages to propagate:

$>curl -X POST http://localhost:4000/publish -d "hello"

The application optionally takes a config file (with the -c flag).

Default configuration:

listenPort = 0
rpcPort = 0
networkInterface = ""
peers = []
messagelog = "messages.log"
sending = false
sendInterval = 1000
payloadSize = 200

Sample sender configuration:

listenPort = 2000
rpcPort = 4000
networkInterface = ""
peers = [ "tcp://", "tcp://"]
messagelog = "messages.log"
sending = true
sendInterval = 1000
payloadSize = 200

Peers are encoded as URIs using the TCP scheme: tcp://

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