Releasing Tuweni

This guide comprises of all the steps to prepare, run a release and follow up on the next steps.

One-time setup

Open the file ~/.gradle/ and add the following information:

asfNexusUsername=${asf LDAP id}
asfNexusPassword=${asf LDAP password}
signing.keyId=${GPG key ID}
signing.gnupg.keyName=${GPG key ID}

Make sure your computer has gpg utilities installed. Follow the Gradle signing plugin's GPG agent instructions to set up.

Branch into a release branch

Create a new release branch formed with the major.minor version numbers (see semver for glossary). For 1.0.0-SNAPSHOT version, the release branch will therefore be 1.0.

git checkout -b 1.0
git push origin 1.0

For patch releases, use the existing release branch.

Prepare the release

Change the README file to update version numbers to the new release. Make a commit ($commitId) to the release branch and push. TODO : point to commit example

Change the version number in the master branch in a commit and push. TODO : point to commit example

Running the release

Build the artifacts

Set up the version strategy:

export BUILD_RELEASE=true

Build the artifacts

./gradlew build

Check the sha512 signatures match

shasum -a 512 dist/build/distributions/tuweni-bin-${RELEASE VERSION}.tgz
shasum -a 512 dist/build/distributions/tuweni-bin-${RELEASE VERSION}.zip
shasum -a 512 dist/build/distributions/tuweni-src-${RELEASE VERSION}.tgz
shasum -a 512 dist/build/distributions/tuweni-src-${RELEASE VERSION}.zip
shasum -a 512 dist/build/distributions/tuweni-gossip-${RELEASE VERSION}.tgz
shasum -a 512 dist/build/distributions/tuweni-gossip-${RELEASE VERSION}.zip
shasum -a 512 dist/build/distributions/tuweni-relayer-${RELEASE VERSION}.tgz
shasum -a 512 dist/build/distributions/tuweni-relayer-${RELEASE VERSION}.zip

Sign and publish

export ENABLE_SIGNING=true
./gradlew publish

This checks the code, the licenses, runs all the tests and creates all the artifacts (binaries, sources, javadoc).

This also publishes the artifacts to in a staging repository.

Push the distribution to staging area

Delete the folder if necessary:

svn delete${RELEASE VERSION} -m "Deleting release candidate ${RELEASE_VERSION}"

Create the folder:

svn mkdir -m "Add new Tuweni folder for release ${RELEASE VERSION}"${RELEASE VERSION}

Check out the folder locally:

svn checkout${RELEASE VERSION} _staged

Copy the distribution artifacts to it - make sure to change the name to ${RELEASE VERSION}-incubating:

cp dist/build/distributions/tuweni-${RELEASE VERSION}.zip _staged/tuweni-${RELEASE VERSION}
cp dist/build/distributions/tuweni-${RELEASE VERSION}.tgz _staged/tuweni-${RELEASE VERSION}-incubating.tgz

Commit the changes:

cd _staged
svn add tuweni-*
svn ci -m "Add Apache Tuweni ${RELEASE VERSION} release candidate"

Tag the git repository

git tag -m "Release ${RELEASE VERSION}" v${RELEASE VERSION}
git push origin ${RELEASE BRANCH} --tags

Open a thread for a vote

Send an email to with the following:

Subject:[VOTE] Apache Tuweni ${RELEASE VERSION} release

We're voting on the source distributions available here:${RELEASE VERSION}/
The release tag is present here:${RELEASE VERSION}

Please review and vote as appropriate.

The following changes were made since ${PREVIOUS VERSION}:

${fill in changes}

The vote should be opened for at least 72 hours, longer if there is a week-end.

Close the release

After the time of the vote has elapsed, close the vote thread with a recap showing the votes.

Incubator general list

The next step is to email the general incubator list. If 3 IPMC votes were collected in the first vote, this is a notification. If less than 3 votes were collected, this email is a new vote asking for more IPMC +1s.

Close the vote

If a vote was called on the IPMC list, close it in the same fashion with a recap.

Push the release to the dist final location

Move the files from${RELEASE VERSION}/ to${RELEASE VERSION}/:

svn move -m "Move Apache Tuweni ${RELEASE VERSION} to releases"${RELEASE VERSION}${RELEASE VERSION}

Update the website:

Test the downloads page (wait 24h for mirrors to update):

Move the artifacts to maven central


Publish the site


Send an [ANNOUNCE] email

Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Apache Tuweni ${RELEASE VERSION} released


New in this release:
${list of changes}
To learn more about Tuweni and get started:
The Apache Tuweni Team

Clean up jira

If applicable mark the version as released.


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