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  2. auditors/
  3. dcap_root_ca_cert.pem
  4. dcap_server_cert.pem
  5. dcap_server_key.pem
  6. enclave_signing_key.pem
  7. ias_root_ca_cert.pem

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Keys and Certificates in Teaclave

This directory contains keys and certificates used in the Teaclave platform. Note that these are only for demonstration. DO NOT use them in production.

  • enclave_signing_key.pem: private key to sign SGX enclaves
  • ias_root_ca_cert.pem: attestation report root CA certificate for Intel SGX Attestation Service, obtained from the service website
  • dcap_root_ca_cert.pem: root CA certificate used for connecting to the reference DCAP attestation server and verifying ECDSA attestation reports.
  • dcap_server_cert.pem and dcap_server_key.pem: DCAP attestation server end-entity certificate and private key. Certificate is signed by DCAP root CA.
  • auditors: contains auditors' keys to sign the enclave info for mutual attestation