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  2. build.ubuntu-1804.sgx-2.9.1.Dockerfile
  3. build.ubuntu-1804.sgx-dcap-1.6.Dockerfile
  4. docker-compose-ubuntu-1804.yml
  5. runtime.config.toml
  6. teaclave-rt.ubuntu-1804.Dockerfile

Teaclave Docker

This directory contains the docker infrastructure for build and runtime environment. Note that you must mount SGX device and ASEM domain socket into the container environment to use SGX feature.


The build dockerfile (build.*.Dockerfile) only contains minimal dependencies to build and test the project. To use them, you can directly use pre-built docker images from Docker Hub with:

$ docker run --rm \
  --device=/dev/isgx \
  -v/var/run/aesmd/aesm.socket:/var/run/aesmd/aesm.socket \
  -v`pwd`:/teaclave \
  -w /teaclave \
  -it teaclave/teaclave-build-ubuntu-1804-sgx-2.9:latest \

or you can also build the image by yourself with docker build:

$ docker build -t teaclave-build - < build.*.Dockerfile

and run:

$ docker run --rm \
  --device=/dev/isgx \
  -v/var/run/aesmd/aesm.socket:/var/run/aesmd/aesm.socket \
  -v`pwd`:/teaclave \
  -w /teaclave \
  -it teaclave/teaclave-build \


Teaclave contains many services, we put services, config and related resources into one docker image (teaclave-rt.ubuntu-1804.Dockerfile). To make the deployment simpler, we recommend to use docker-compose to manage all services. Since the remote attestation is required for all services, you should setup the attestation service configurations before start the services. You can use env vars or set them in the docker-compose-ubuntu-1804.yml file.

Here is an example to start all services.

$ export AS_SPID="00000000000000000000000000000000"
$ export AS_KEY="00000000000000000000000000000000"
$ export AS_ALGO="sgx_epid"
$ export AS_URL=""

$ docker-compose -f docker-compose-ubuntu-1804.yml up
Starting teaclave-authentication-service ... done
Starting teaclave-access-control-service ... done
Starting teaclave-scheduler-service      ... done
Starting teaclave-management-service     ... done
Starting teaclave-execution-service      ... done
Starting teaclave-frontend-service       ... done
Attaching to ...