SGX Code Coverage Support


  1. lcov. Install via sudo apt-get install lcov

  2. Either of gcov <= 7, or llvm-cov >= 11

  • gcov <= 7. Install gcc sudo apt-get install gcc. For more information around managing multiple gcc/toolchains, please refer to this article.
  • llvm-cov >= 11. You can either install using apt/yum/dnf, or the official LLVM installation script:
chmod +x
sudo ./ 11

If your platform cannot install either of them, you can use another platform to analyze the generated gcno and gcda files. Ubuntu 18.04 has gcc-7 by default, and can install llvm 11 using the above script.

One shot

$ make COV=1
$ cd bin && ./app && cd ..
$ make gen_cov_html

Then open html/index.html, where amazing happens!

sgx_cov supports xargo as well:

$ XARGO_SGX=1 make COV=1
$ cd bin && ./app && cd ..
$ XARGO_SGX=1 make gen_cov_html

The Magic

  • Enable feature global_exit for sgx_urts
  • Inject an on exit function using global_dtors_object! macro, and invoke sgx_cov::cov_writeout()
  • .gcno would be generated during compile time at Target_Dir
  • .gcna would be generated during run time at Target_dir
  • make gen_cov_html would process .gcno and .gcna and generate html results.

More about the magic

To be continued ...