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Apache Taverna Language

Apache Taverna Language is a set of APIs for workflow definitions (SCUFL2) and workflow inputs/outputs/run (DataBundle), as consumed and produced by the Apache Taverna (incubating) workflow system.

The API includes support for the legacy formats from Taverna 2 and Taverna 1, and therefore can be also used independently of Apache Taverna 3.


(c) 2015 Apache Software Foundation

This product includes software developed at The Apache Software Foundation.

Licensed under the Apache License 2.0, see the file LICENSE for details.

The file NOTICE contain any additional attributions and details about embedded third-party libraries and source code.


Official modules:

Experimental modules:

Deprecated modules:

For more details, see the READMEs of:


  • Java 1.7 or newer (tested with OpenJDK 1.8)
  • Apache Maven 3.2.5 or newer (older versions probably also work)


To build Apache Taverna Language, use:

mvn clean install

This will build each module and run their tests, producing JARs like taverna-scufl2-api/target/taverna-scufl2-api-0.15.0-incubating.jar. Some of the experimental modules are not built automatically, to build them separately, run the same command from within their folder.

Skipping tests

To skip the tests (these can be timeconsuming), use:

mvn clean install -DskipTests

If you are modifying this source code independent of the Apache Taverna project, you may not want to run the Rat Maven plugin that enforces Apache headers in every source file - to disable it, try:

mvn clean install -Drat.skip=true


Apache Taverna Language is a Maven project, and the easiest way to use it is from other Maven projects.

Released binaries of Apache Taverna Language are published in Maven Central.

Typical users of this API will depend on these modules:


To find the latest <version> to use above (this README might not have been updated), see the [Apache Taverna Language downloads] (

All Scufl2 modules are also valid OSGi bundles, see the OSGi section below.

You can alternatively copy and add these JARs from the build to add to your classpath:

  • taverna-robundle/target/taverna-scufl2-robundle-0.15.0-incubating.jar
  • taverna-databundle/target/taverna-scufl2-databundle-0.15.0-incubating.jar
  • taverna-scufl2-api/target/taverna-scufl2-api-0.15.0-incubating.jar
  • taverna-scufl2-wfbundle/target/taverna-scufl2-wfbundle-0.15.0-incubating.jar
  • taverna-scufl2-ucfpackage/target/taverna-scufl2-ucfpackage-0.15.0-incubating.jar
  • taverna-scufl2-t2flow/target/taverna-scufl2-t2flow-0.15.0-incubating.jar


See the Taverna Language Javadoc for documentation of classes and methods of Taverna Language. Good starting points: