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#!/usr/bin/env python
Produces a set of <artifactItem> statements for the maven-dependency-plugin section in
the workbench-distro/pom.xml
By Stian Soiland-Reyes, 2009-11-17
Produced by first doing a nightly build (-Pnightly) but with the plugin
maven-dependency-plugin commented out. When unzipping the
repository/ folder will be missing these artifacts below (mainly due to Raven
not merging version differences). To find out which ones, start once,
and then in $HOME/.taverna-123123123/repository/ run (in *NIX or Cygwin):
stain@ralph ~/AppData/Roaming/taverna-2.1-beta-3-SNAPSHOT-20091117/repository
$ find -type f > $HOME/files
stain@ralph ~/AppData/Roaming/taverna-2.1-beta-3-SNAPSHOT-20091117/repository
$ cd
stain@ralph ~
$ python > artifactItems.txt
The content of artifactItems.txt can then be pasted into the <artifactItems> element of the
maven-dependency-plugin in the pom.xml.
If you then do a new nightly build with the maven-dependency-plugin section enabled, and
delete your $HOME/.taverna-123123123/repository/ - then after running Taverna the
$HOME/.taverna-123123123/repository/ should be empty.
If on unzipping you get warnings about overwriting files already existing you might also
need to redo this procedure, as this means that an artifactItem is adding a file already
added by the repositories-component of the assembly plugin.
import string
import re
xmlTemplate = string.Template(
""" <artifactItem>
pathPattern = re.compile(r"^\./(.+)/([^/]+)/([^/]+)/([^/]+)\.([a-zA-Z]+)$")
files = open("files")
for file in files:
matches = pathPattern.match(file)
#print matches.groups()
groupIDPath =
groupID = groupIDPath.replace("/", ".")
artifactID =
version =
type =
print xmlTemplate.safe_substitute(locals())