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The content of this repository was merged into the main repository StreamPipes Installer

Apache StreamPipes (incubating) installer

This project contains a variety of StreamPipes installation and operation options, namely:

NOTE: StreamPipes CLI & k8s are highly recommended for developers or operators. Standard users should stick to StreamPipes Compose.

This is useful in order to easily spin up StreamPipes' microservice environment consisting of:

How to get started?

Clone this project

git clone

or download the ZIP of the installer. Click on the green button Code on the top right. Then click on Download ZIP.

Upgrade version for all options

To upgrade the StreamPipes version all at once for all options and README files you can use the little helper script.

IMPORTANT: This script does not check for valid version input.

./ <version>

Bugs and Feature Requests

If you‘ve found a bug or have a feature that you’d love to see in StreamPipes, feel free to create an issue in our Jira:

Get help

If you have any problems during the installation or questions around StreamPipes, you'll get help through one of our community channels:

And don't forget to follow us on Twitter!


We welcome contributions to StreamPipes. If you are interested in contributing to StreamPipes, let us know! You'll get to know an open-minded and motivated team working together to build the next IIoT analytics toolbox.

Here are some first steps in case you want to contribute:

  • Subscribe to our dev mailing list
  • Send an email, tell us about your interests and which parts of StreamPipes you'd like to contribute (e.g., core or UI)!
  • Ask for a mentor who helps you understanding the code base and guides you through the first setup steps
  • Find an issue in our Jira which is tagged with a newbie tag
  • Have a look at our developer wiki at to learn more about StreamPipes development.

Have fun!


We'd love to hear your feedback! Subscribe to


Apache License 2.0