Examples supporting the StreamPipes developer guide

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Apache StreamPipes (incubating) A self-service (Industrial) IoT toolbox to enable non-technical userAccounts to connect , analyze and explore IoT data streams.

It leverages non-technical userAccounts to quickly define and execute processing pipelines based on an easily extensible toolbox of data sources, data processors and data sinks.

Learn more about StreamPipes at https://streampipes.apache.org/

Read the full documentation at https://streampipes.apache.org/docs

StreamPipes Pipeline Elements Examples

The pipeline elements defined in this repository do nothing - they only serve to provide examples on how pipeline elements can be created with StreamPipes. The examples are referenced in the SDK guide (https://docs.streampipes.org/docs/dev-guide-introduction)

If you are looking for real pipeline elements that can be installed in StreamPipes, have a look at StreamPipes Pipeline Elements.