StreamPark, Make stream processing easier! easy-to-use streaming application development framework and operation platform

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Apache StreamPark (Incubating)

Make stream processing easier

A magical framework that make stream processing easier!

🚀 Introduction

Apache Flink and Apache Spark are widely used as the next generation of big data streaming computing engines. Based on a bench of excellent experiences combined with best practices, we extracted the task deployment and runtime parameters into the configuration files. In this way, an easy-to-use RuntimeContext with out-of-the-box connectors would bring easier and more efficient task development experience. It reduces the learning cost and development barriers, hence developers can focus on the business logic. On the other hand, It can be challenge for enterprises to use Flink & Spark if there is no professional management platform for Flink & Spark tasks during the deployment phase. StreamPark provides such a professional task management platform, including task development, scheduling, interactive query, deployment, operation, maintenance, etc.

🎉 Features

  • Apache Flink & Spark application development scaffolding
  • Out-of-the-box connectors
  • Support maven compilation
  • Support multiple versions of Flink & Spark
  • Scala 2.11 / 2.12 support
  • One-stop stream processing operation platform
  • Support catalog、olap、streaming-warehouse etc.
  • ...

🚀 Quick Start

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🤝 Contribution

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Thank you to all the people who already contributed to StreamPark!

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