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  1. 4643f98 SENTRY-1157: Fix Unit Tests TestAclsCrud&TestAuthorize failed (Dapeng Sun, reviewed by Colin Ma) by Sun Dapeng · 8 years ago master
  2. 5720b64 SENTRY-1088: PathsUpdate should log invalid paths to make troubleshooting easier (Ryan Pridgeon via Hao Hao) by hahao · 8 years ago
  3. 07df5fb SENTRY-1142: Rebase on master (Ashish K Singh via Hao Hao) by hahao · 8 years ago
  4. 00a14d9 SENTRY-1014: Add end-to-end tests for Kafka (Ashish K Singh, Reviewed by: Hao Hao, Anne Yu and Dapeng Sun) by hahao · 8 years ago
  5. 9b43369 SENTRY-1113: Fix test failures due to missing files. by hahao · 8 years ago

What is Sentry?

Apache Sentry is a highly modular system for providing fine grained role based authorization to both data and metadata stored on an Apache Hadoop cluster.

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Building Sentry

Building Sentry requires the following tools:

  • Apache Maven 3.2.5+ (Might hit issues with pentaho library with older maven versions)
  • Java JDK7 (can't access TBase errors with JDK8)

To compile Sentry, run:

mvn install -DskipTests

To run Sentry tests, run:

mvn test

To build a distribution, run:

mvn install

The final Sentry distribution artifacts will be in $project/sentry-dist/target/.