Mirror of Google Protobuf definition of a SDAP NEXUS Tile with bindings to both Java and Python.

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This project contains the protobuf definition for a NexusTile. By compiling the protobuf specification, both Java and Python objects are generated.

For Developers


This project is build using Gradle. This repository contains a Gradle wrapper so, if building from the repository, no further action is needed; however, the Gradle wrapper is not included in the source distribution. If building from the source distribution, you will need to install Gradle manually.

Developer Installation

  1. Build source:

    • If building from repository: run ./gradlew clean build install
    • If building from source distribution: run gradle clean build install
  2. cd into /build/python/nexusproto

  3. Setup a separate conda env or activate an existing one

    conda create --name nexus-messages python
    source activate nexus-messages
  4. Install Conda dependencies

    conda install numpy
  5. Run python setup.py install