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Toolbox and scripts for utilizing SDAP analytics within ArcGIS


zipped_toolbox: Contains the python scripts and the toolbox.

nexus_toolbox_embedded.tbx: toolbox which contains the SDAP scripts embedded into the toolbox. Preferred



For development please use the zipped_toolbox. You may make your changes directly to the python scripts

Once you have downloaded the toolbox with the script you can upload the toolbox into ArcGIS pro. Please follow the instructions written to connect a toolbox.

To make changes to the GUI located in the catalog window on the right of your ArcGIS project, you will right click on the script within the toolbox, ie DailyDifferenceAverage, and you will click on properties. A window will pop up. On the left column of the window you will see Validation. Click on Validation. There you can manipulate the code to customize the GUI and the parameters. You may also set parameters in the parameters pane within the properties window.

Follow the instructions in the User section of this README for how to connect to WMS server.

Known Issues

If you encounter any issues using the tool this can be because it is not pointing to the correct location of the script. To fix this, you will right click on the script within the toolbox, ie DailyDifferenceAverage, and you will click on properties. A window will pop and you will see a path pointing to the Ensure that this is the correct path for the script.

When creating an interactive polygon in the toolbox, click on the pencil, create your shape within the ArcGIS pro map, and double click on the red dot when finished drawing the shape. You may also right click on the final red dot and click Finish.

Keep Matchup and TimeAverageMap to one month intervals as these tools can take longer to complete.


For usage purposes please use nexus_toolbox_embedded.tbx. This toolbox has the python scripts embedded within which means that you cannot change the underlying script codes for the tools. To use, you can simply make a connection to this toolbox (after downloading) in the Catalog by right clicking Toolboxes > Add Toolbox > and identifying nexus_toolbox_embedded.tbx. If you are a developer, please refer to the section above.

When your toolbox is inside of your ArcGIS project, you will then need to connect to a WMS or WMTS server. Please follow the instructions written No credentials are necessary. select “New WMTS Server” select “New WMS server”

Once the connection is made, you will go to your servers folder in your catalog window in ArcGIS Pro and drag layers of interest to the contents pane on the right.

Note: in ArcGIS pro versions earlier than 2.6, you will need to add the TIME parameter to each layer of interest for the layer to appear.

You can then proceed to utilize the tool.