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Python module that provides API access to the NEXUS datastores.

Developer Setup

Database Setup

  1. Download and unzip Apache Solr 5.3.1

    1. Copy the nexustiles directory into $SOLR_INSTALL_DIR/server/solr
    2. Copy the dataset directory into $SOLR_INSTALL_DIR/server/solr
    3. Download JTS Topology Suite v1.13 and extract the zip.
    4. From the exploded JTS zip, copy $JTS_ZIP/lib/jts-1.13.jar and $JTS_ZIP/lib/jtsio-1.13.jar into $SOLR_INSTALL_DIR/server/lib/ext
    5. Start Solr using $SOLR_INSTALL_DIR/bin/solr start then open up the admin page (http://localhost:8983) to make sure there are no errors
  2. Download and unzip Apache Cassandra 2.2.x

    1. Start cassandra $CASSANDRA_INSTALL_DIR/bin/cassandra
    2. Open a cqlsh session $CASSANDRA_INSTALL_DIR/bin/cqlsh
    3. Execute the DDL located in nexustiles.cql

Code Installation

NOTE This project has a dependency on nexus-messages. Make sure nexus-messages is installed in the same environment you will be using for this module.

  1. Setup a separate conda env or activate an existing one

    conda create --name nexus-data-access python
    source activate nexus-data-access
  2. Install conda dependencies

    conda install numpy
  3. Install cython pip install cython

  4. Run python install

  5. Run python test/ to validate the installation worked

    1. If you get an error like the following

      /Users/user/.pyxbld/temp.macosx-10.5-x86_64-2.7/pyrex/cassandra/numpy_parser.c:266:10: fatal error: 'numpyFlags.h' file not found
      ImportError: Building module nexustiles.dao.CassandraProxy failed: ['ImportError: Building module cassandra.numpy_parser failed: ["CompileError: command \'gcc\' failed with exit status 1\\n"]\n']

      It can be fixed by copying the numpyFlags.h file from the cassandra library to the python include library

      cp /path/to/anaconda/env/lib/python2.7/site-packages/cassandra/numpyFlags.h /path/to/anaconda/env/include/python2.7/numpyFlags.h