SDAP-453 - Update results storage & retrieval so results JSON output matches original matchup output (#239)

* SDAP-453: Updated storage/retrieval to store/fetch complete matchup data

Checked for /cdmsresults output types JSON and CSV
Not yet working for NETCDF

* SDAP-453: Script to convert old result table to new one

* SDAP-453: NETCDF support

* Made output parameter case-insensitive

* Changelog update

* SDAP-453: Format CSV output

Correctly write variable data instead of dumping JSON

* SDAP-453: NetCDF formatting

* SDAP-453: Bit of backwards compatability with the old db schema

I think this will only support the JSON renderer

* Update conversion script to handle errors

* Update script correctly assigns to cf_variable_name

* NetCDF

* Matchup insitu id field

1) Ensure it is never null or empty string
2) Append the depth to the id in order to avoid filtering out measurements at different depths at the same lat+lon+time during NetCDF rendering

* Removed traceback logging statement

* Added cl args to update script

* Added more details to changelog

* Updated apidocs to add JSON as output option

* Typo in changelog entry


Co-authored-by: rileykk <>
9 files changed
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