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Apache SAMOA Website and Documentation

This is the source for the Apache SAMOA website and documentation. It is statically generated using jekyll.

Site Generation

First install jekyll (assuming you have ruby installed):

gem install jekyll

Generate the site, and start a server locally:

cd docs
jekyll serve -w

The -w option tells jekyll to watch for changes to files and regenerate the site automatically when any content changes.

Point your browser to http://localhost:4000

By default, jekyll will generate the site in a _site directory.

Publishing the Website

In order to publish the website, you must have committer access to Apache SAMOA's subversion repository.

The Apache SAMOA website is published using Apache svnpubsub. Any changes committed to subversion will be automatically published to

To publish changes, tell jekyll to generate the site in the publish directory of subversion, then commit the changes:

cd docs
jekyll build -d /path/to/svn/repo/publish
cd /path/to/svn/repo/publish
svn commit