Apache RocketMQ (Incubating)

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RocketMQ Externals

There are some RocketMQ external projects, with the purpose of growing the RocketMQ community.


A console for RocketMQ


RocketMQ-JMS is an implement of JMS specification,taking Apache RocketMQ as broker. Now we are on the way of supporting JMS 1.1 and JMS2.0 is our final target.


This project is used to receive and send messages between RocketMQ and Flume-ng

  1. Firstly, please get familiar with RocketMQ and Flume-ng.

  2. Ensure that the jar related to RocketMQ exists in local maven repository.

  3. Execute the following command in rocketmq-flume root directory

    mvn clean install dependency:copy-dependencies

  4. Copy the jar depended by rocketmq-flume to $FLUME_HOME/lib(the specific jar will be given later)