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Apache Tamaya Incubating SITE repository

This repository contains the homepage of Apache Tamaya (incubating). We are using jBake to generate a static page. It is enhanced by maven-generated artifacts such as Javadoc.

Current status

2016-09: plan to migrate


All old static pages are regenerated. Ready to add current contents and blog posts about the past of the project :-)

Available branches

Master branch

Contains the jbake original files and all binaries (images, fonts, static JS) and the base contents.


All Thymeleaf-based page templates can be found in the templates directory. These templates are footer, header and menu of the website.

Template variables

All variables are defined in

Static assets

Images, CSS and JS have to be put in the assets subfolder.

Other resources

All of the contents goes in content. The directory structure defines the menu subitems when the website is baked.

jBake itself

A full installation of jBake is checked in under bin in order to be able to reproducable generate the pages even if there is a problem with the project, internet or something else. It's meant as a matter of convenience and security.

Generated contents

Please do not check in the output directory as it contains the baked homepage! It needs to be checked in with a different structure in the branch asf-site!

ASF-site branch

Is linked to :// as requested via ttps://

How to generate a new page


In case you want to play with homepage locally:

  1. Clone this repository.
  2. Launch the bash script
$ ./
  1. Point your browser to http://localhost:8820/


You need write access to this repository and have to generate the javadoc manually!

  1. Generate Javadoc for Tamaya Core
$ cd tamaya
$ mvn site
(since javadoc:javadoc does not generate a full report)
  1. Launch the bash script to generate the homepage and switch the the asf branch:
$ git checkout master
$ ./
  1. Make sure you are on branch asf-site! Copy the generated Javadoc into apidocs
$ git checkout asf-site
$ cp -r pathToTamayaCoreRepo/target/site/apidocs .
  1. If you do not want to change the already published Javadoc, make sure that your commit does not change the base index.html, that renders
  2. Push your changes
$ git push
  1. Wait a couple of minutes for the gitpubsub to happen.
  2. Go to in your browser

Jenkins / CI integration

There is a daily build job that triggers a site baking on ASF-Jenkins: