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Create Slider App Package for HBase

appConfig-default.json and resources-default.json are not required to be packaged. These files are included as reference configuration for Slider apps and are suitable for a one-node cluster.

OPTION-I: Use a downloaded tarball OPTION-II: Use the tarball from the local repository


To create the app package you will need the HBase tarball and invoke mvn command with appropriate parameters.


mvn clean package -Phbase-app-package -Dhbase.version=<version><file name of app tarball> -Dpkg.src=<folder location where the pkg is available>


mvn clean package -Phbase-app-package -Dpkg.version=0.98.5-hadoop2

App package can be found in



You need the HBase version available on local maven repo to create the Slider App Package for HBase.

Download the tarball for HBase: e.g. path to tarball ~/Downloads/hbase-0.98.3-hadoop2-bin.tar.gz

The version of HBase used for the app package can be adjusted by adding a flag such as


Use the following command to install HBase tarball locally (under local workspace of HBase repo):

mvn install:install-file -Dfile=<path-to-tarball> -DgroupId=org.apache.hbase -DartifactId=hbase -Dversion=0.98.3-hadoop2 -Dclassifier=bin -Dpackaging=tar.gz

You may need to copy the hbase tarball to the following location if the above step doesn't publish the tarball:


After HBase tarball is published locally in maven repository, you can use the following command:

mvn clean package -DskipTests -Phbase-app-package

App package can be found in


If an HBase version older than 0.98.3 is desired, it must be installed in the local maven repo.

A less descriptive file name can be specified with which would create a file

Verifying the content

Verify the content using

zip -Tv apache-slider-hbase-*.zip