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  2. src/
  3. appConfig-default.json
  4. appConfig-secured-default.json
  5. clientInstallConfig-default.json
  6. metainfo-secured.xml
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  10. resources-default.json

Create Slider App Package for HBase

appConfig-default.json and resources-default.json are not required to be packaged. These files are included as reference configuration for Slider apps and are suitable for a one-node cluster.

To create the app package you will need the HBase tarball and invoke mvn command with appropriate parameters. It is recommended that pkg.version be set to the same value as hbase.version.


mvn clean package -Phbase-resources -Dhbase.version=<hbase version> -Dpkg.version=<app package version><file name of app tarball> -Dpkg.src=<folder location where the pkg is available>


mvn clean package -Phbase-resources -Dhbase.version=1.1.4

App package can be found in


Verifying the content

Verify the content using

zip -Tv slider-hbase-*.zip

Sample commands

slider resource --install --resource resources --destdir hbase
slider create hbase --template appConfig-default.json --resources resources-default.json --metainfo metainfo.xml
slider client --install --dest client_install_dir --name hbase --config clientInstallConfig-default.json