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How to create a Slider app package for Storm?
To create the app package you will need the Storm tarball copied to a specific location.
Various configurations provided in this sample are customized for apache-storm-
So if you use a different version you may need to edit a few config values.
Replace the placeholder tarball for Storm.
cp ~/Downloads/apache-storm- package/files/
rm package/files/apache-storm-
Create a zip package at the root of the package (<slider enlistment>/app-packages/storm-v0_91/)
zip -r .
Verify the content using
unzip -l "$@"
While appConfig.json and resources.json are not required for the package they work
well as the default configuration for Slider apps. So its advisable that when you
create an application package for Slider, include sample/default resources.json and
appConfig.json for a minimal Yarn cluster.