Manually packaging an S4 app.

The app should extend io.s4.core.App:

We want to indicate the entry point in the jar. To do this I create a manifest file.


We will use the attribute prefix “S4-App-” for all S3-related properties.

  • Files: HelloApp.class MANIFEST.MF

  • Create the jar file: jar cmf MANIFEST.MF HelloApp.jar HelloApp.class

  • Check: jar tvf HelloApp.jar 0 Mon Oct 17 16:31:18 PDT 2011 META-INF/ 275 Mon Oct 17 16:31:18 PDT 2011 META-INF/MANIFEST.MF 702 Mon Oct 17 13:36:50 PDT 2011 HelloApp.class

Create Counter Example JAR

Copy counter example classfiles: