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title: Distributed Stream Computing Platform
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#notice_text= "March 2013: <b>S4 0.6.0 Release Candidate</b> <a href=''>available for download</a>. Check the <a href='/doc/0.6.0'>improved documentation</a>!."
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#notice_text= "August 2012: <b>S4 0.5.0 has been released!</b> Get it <a href='/download'>here</a>!."
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#notice_text= "S4 0.5.0 \"Piper\" is a complete refactoring of the previous version of S4. It provides a clearer API and a more robust implementation. It features TCP based communications, state recovery, and a new set of tools. More information is available in an <a href=''>overview</a> and you may also check the <a href=''>release notes</a>."
%p{:class=>'large'}= "S4 is a <span class='high'>general-purpose</span>, <span class='high'>distributed</span>, <span class='high'>scalable</span>, <span class='high'>fault-tolerant</span>, <span class='high'>pluggable</span> platform that allows programmers to easily develop applications for processing continuous unbounded streams of data."
%h2{:class=>"secheader"}= "motivation"
%p= "S4 fills the gap between complex proprietary systems and batch-oriented open source computing platforms. We aim to develop a high performance computing platform that hides the complexity inherent in parallel processing system from the application programmer."
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%h2{:class=>"secheader"}= "implementation"
%p= "The core platform is written in <span class='high'>Java</span>. The implementation is modular and pluggable, and S4 applications can be easily and dynamically combined for creating more sophisticated stream processing systems."
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%h2{:class=>"secheader"}= "open source"
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%p{:style=>"padding-top:10px; padding-left:170px;"}= "S4 was initially released by Yahoo! Inc. in October 2010 and is an Apache Incubator project since September 2011. It is licensed under the Apache 2.0 license."
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%p= "S4 has been deployed in production systems at Yahoo! to process thousands of search queries per second."
%h4{:class=>"subsecheader"}= "decentralized"
%p= "All nodes are symmetric with no centralized service and no single point of failure. This greatly simplifies deployments and cluster configuration changes."
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%h4{:class=>"subsecheader"}= "scalable"
%p= "Throughput increases linearly as additional nodes are added to the cluster. There is no predefined limit on the number of nodes that can be supported."
%h4{:class=>"subsecheader"}= "extensible"
%p= "Applications can easily be written and deployed using a simple API. Many basic applications for stream processing are available out of the box and more are being written."
%h4{:class=>"subsecheader"}= "cluster management"
%p= "S4 hides all cluster management tasks using a communication layer built on top of <a href=''>ZooKeeper</a>, a distributed, open-source coordination service for distributed applications."
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%h4{:class=>"subsecheader"}= "fault-tolerance"
%p= "When a server in the cluster fails, a stand-by server is automatically activated to take over the tasks. Checkpointing and recovery minimize state loss."
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%span= "S4 Piper release"
%span{:style=>"font-size: small;"}= "v0.5.0"
%a{:href=>"", :style=>"border: none;"}= "Get Started"
%p= "This is an alpha version. There's no guarantee of backwards-compatibility until the 1.0 release."
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%li= "<a href='/contrib'>Contribute</a>"
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