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#include <cstddef>
#include "storage/CountedReference.hpp"
#include "storage/StorageBlockBase.hpp"
#include "storage/StorageBlockInfo.hpp"
#include "utility/Macros.hpp"
namespace quickstep {
class StorageManager;
/** \addtogroup Storage
* @{
* @brief A simple "blob" of memory allocated from the StorageManager pool.
* Clients use this as simply an array of bytes that happens to reside
* in memory managed by StorageManager and can be saved/loaded to disk
* by the StorageManager as needed.
* @note Because StorageBlobs may be relocated or saved/loaded to disk,
* permanent "addresses" of data structures inside a StorageBlob should
* be stored as offsets relative to the start of the StorageBlob, not as
* absolute pointers.
class StorageBlob : public StorageBlockBase {
* @brief Constructor.
* @param id The unique ID of this StorageBlob among all blocks and blobs.
* @param blob_memory The memory slot to use for this StorageBlob's contents.
* @param blob_memory_size The size of the memory at blob_memory.
* @param initially_dirty true if the blob should initially be marked dirty
* (i.e. for a newly created block that has never been written to
* disk), false if block should initially be marked clean (i.e. for a
* blob that has been reloaded from disk).
StorageBlob(const block_id id,
void *blob_memory,
const std::size_t blob_memory_size,
const bool initially_dirty)
: StorageBlockBase(id, blob_memory, blob_memory_size) {
dirty_ = initially_dirty;
~StorageBlob() override {
bool isBlob() const override {
return true;
* @brief Get this blob's size.
* @return This blob's size in bytes.
inline std::size_t size() const {
return block_memory_size_;
* @brief Get a const pointer to this StorageBlob's underlying memory.
* @warning Do NOT use a const_cast to remove the const-ness of the pointer
* returned by this method. Instead, use getMemoryMutable() below.
* @return A const pointer to this StorageBlob's memory.
inline const void* getMemory() const {
return block_memory_;
* @brief Get a mutable pointer to this StorageBlob's underlying memory.
* @return A mutable pointer to this StorageBlob's memory.
inline void* getMemoryMutable() {
dirty_ = true;
return block_memory_;
* @brief A managed reference to a mutable blob.
using MutableBlobReference = CountedReference<StorageBlob>;
* @brief A managed reference to an immutable blob.
using BlobReference = CountedReference<const StorageBlob>;
/** @} */
} // namespace quickstep