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* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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#include "storage/Flags.hpp"
#include "storage/StorageConfig.h"
#include "gflags/gflags.h"
namespace quickstep {
DEFINE_bool(use_hdfs, false, "Use HDFS as the persistent storage, instead of the local disk.");
DEFINE_string(hdfs_namenode_host, "localhost", "Host name or IP address of HDFS namenode.");
static bool ValidateHdfsNameNodePort(const char *flagname,
std::int32_t value) {
if (value > 0 && value < 65536) {
return true;
} else {
std::fprintf(stderr, "--%s must be between 1 and 65535 (inclusive)\n", flagname);
return false;
DEFINE_int32(hdfs_namenode_port, 9000, "Port of HDFS namenode.");
static const bool hdfs_namenode_port_dummy
= gflags::RegisterFlagValidator(&FLAGS_hdfs_namenode_port, &ValidateHdfsNameNodePort);
static bool ValidateHdfsNumReplications(const char *flagname,
std::int32_t value) {
// The default dfs.namenode.replication.min is 1, while the default
// dfs.replication.max is 512.
if (value > 0) {
return true;
} else {
std::fprintf(stderr, "--%s must be at least 1\n", flagname);
return false;
DEFINE_int32(hdfs_num_replications, 1, "Number of HDFS file replications.");
static const bool hdfs_num_replications_dummy
= gflags::RegisterFlagValidator(&FLAGS_hdfs_num_replications, &ValidateHdfsNumReplications);
} // namespace quickstep