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#include <cstdint>
#include <limits>
namespace quickstep {
* @brief Represents a simple estimation of the cost to evaluate a
* ComparisonPredicate using a particular sub-block.
typedef std::uint8_t predicate_cost_t;
namespace predicate_cost {
// TODO(chasseur): For now, these static constants define an order of
// preference for different predicate-evaluation methods. In the future, we may
// want to use statistics to get more accurate cost estimation.
static constexpr predicate_cost_t kConstantTime = 0;
static constexpr predicate_cost_t kBitWeavingVScan = 1;
static constexpr predicate_cost_t kBitWeavingHScan = 2;
static constexpr predicate_cost_t kBinarySearch = 3;
static constexpr predicate_cost_t kTreeSearch = 4;
static constexpr predicate_cost_t kCompressedColumnScan = 5;
static constexpr predicate_cost_t kColumnScan = 6;
static constexpr predicate_cost_t kCompressedRowScan = 7;
static constexpr predicate_cost_t kRowScan = 8;
static constexpr predicate_cost_t kInfinite = std::numeric_limits<predicate_cost_t>::max();
} // namespace predicate_cost
* @brief Determine if a predicate_cost_t represents a simple scan on a
* TupleStorageSubBlock.
inline bool PredicateCostIsSimpleScan(const predicate_cost_t cost) {
return (cost == predicate_cost::kRowScan) || (cost == predicate_cost::kColumnScan);
} // namespace quickstep