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* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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#include <string>
#include "expressions/aggregation/AggregationID.hpp"
#include "utility/Macros.hpp"
namespace quickstep {
class AggregateFunction;
namespace serialization { class AggregateFunction; }
/** \addtogroup Expressions
* @{
* @brief All-static factory class that provides access to the various concrete
* implementations of AggregateFunction.
* AggregateFunctionFactory allows client code to use any AggregateFunction in
* Quickstep in a generic way without having to know about all the specific
* subclasses of AggregateFunction. In particular, it is used to deserialize
* AggregateFunctions used in AggregationOperationState from their protobuf
* representations (originally created by the optimizer) when deserializing a
* QueryContext.
class AggregateFunctionFactory {
* @brief Get a particular AggregateFunction by its ID.
* @param agg_id The ID of the desired AggregateFunction.
* @return A reference to the singleton instance of the AggregateFunction
* specified by agg_id.
static const AggregateFunction& Get(const AggregationID agg_id);
* @brief Get a particular AggregateFunction by its name in SQL syntax.
* @param name The name of the desired AggregateFunction in lower case.
* @return A pointer to the AggregateFunction specified by name, or NULL if
* name does not match any known AggregateFunction.
static const AggregateFunction* GetByName(const std::string &name);
* @brief Determine if a serialized protobuf representation of an
* AggregateFunction is fully-formed and valid.
* @param proto A serialized protobuf representation of an AggregateFunction
* to check for validity.
* @return Whether proto is fully-formed and valid.
static bool ProtoIsValid(const serialization::AggregateFunction &proto);
* @brief Get the AggregateFunction represented by a proto.
* @warning It is an error to call this method with an invalid proto.
* ProtoIsValid() should be called first to check.
* @param proto A serialized protobuf representation of an AggregateFunction.
* @return The AggregateFunction represented by proto.
static const AggregateFunction& ReconstructFromProto(
const serialization::AggregateFunction &proto);
// Class is all-static and can not be instantiated.
/** @} */
} // namespace quickstep