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* "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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#include "expressions/aggregation/AggregateFunctionFactory.hpp"
#include <string>
#include <type_traits>
#include "expressions/aggregation/AggregateFunction.pb.h"
#include "expressions/aggregation/AggregateFunctionAvg.hpp"
#include "expressions/aggregation/AggregateFunctionCount.hpp"
#include "expressions/aggregation/AggregateFunctionMax.hpp"
#include "expressions/aggregation/AggregateFunctionMin.hpp"
#include "expressions/aggregation/AggregateFunctionSum.hpp"
#include "expressions/aggregation/AggregationID.hpp"
#include "glog/logging.h"
namespace quickstep {
const AggregateFunction& AggregateFunctionFactory::Get(
const AggregationID agg_id) {
switch (agg_id) {
case AggregationID::kAvg:
return AggregateFunctionAvg::Instance();
case AggregationID::kCount:
return AggregateFunctionCount::Instance();
case AggregationID::kMax:
return AggregateFunctionMax::Instance();
case AggregationID::kMin:
return AggregateFunctionMin::Instance();
case AggregationID::kSum:
return AggregateFunctionSum::Instance();
default: {
LOG(FATAL) << "Unrecognized AggregationID: "
<< static_cast<std::underlying_type<AggregationID>::type>(agg_id);
const AggregateFunction* AggregateFunctionFactory::GetByName(const std::string &name) {
if (name == "avg") {
return &AggregateFunctionAvg::Instance();
} else if (name == "count") {
return &AggregateFunctionCount::Instance();
} else if (name == "max") {
return &AggregateFunctionMax::Instance();
} else if (name == "min") {
return &AggregateFunctionMin::Instance();
} else if (name == "sum") {
return &AggregateFunctionSum::Instance();
} else {
return nullptr;
bool AggregateFunctionFactory::ProtoIsValid(
const serialization::AggregateFunction &proto) {
return proto.IsInitialized()
&& serialization::AggregateFunction::AggregationID_IsValid(proto.aggregation_id());
const AggregateFunction& AggregateFunctionFactory::ReconstructFromProto(
const serialization::AggregateFunction &proto) {
<< "Attempted to reconstruct an AggregateFunction from an invalid proto:\n"
<< proto.DebugString();
switch (proto.aggregation_id()) {
case serialization::AggregateFunction::AVG:
return AggregateFunctionAvg::Instance();
case serialization::AggregateFunction::COUNT:
return AggregateFunctionCount::Instance();
case serialization::AggregateFunction::MAX:
return AggregateFunctionMax::Instance();
case serialization::AggregateFunction::MIN:
return AggregateFunctionMin::Instance();
case serialization::AggregateFunction::SUM:
return AggregateFunctionSum::Instance();
default: {
LOG(FATAL) << "Unrecognized serialization::AggregateFunction::AggregationID: "
<< proto.aggregation_id()
<< "\nFull proto debug string:\n"
<< proto.DebugString();
} // namespace quickstep