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What is this?

This is a jekyll based-blog. Jekyll is a ruby-based framework for generating blogs. You write posts in markdown and jekyll takes care of the html generation automaticall. Jekyll is endorsed by Github and many github pages sites are made with Jekyll. There's tons of tutorials around, so this README will only provide instructions for getting started with jekyll and the post-writing workflow.

Install Jekyll

You'll need:

  • ruby
  • gem package manager (gem -v)
gem install bundler
# installs all the dependencies of this project (including jekyll)
bundler update
jekyll -v

How to write a post

jekyll serve
# open your browser to localhost:4000, you should see the site

cp _posts/2016-12-10-December-Progress.markdown _posts/2017-01-01-NewYearsResolutions.markdown
vim _posts/2017-01-01-NewYearsResolutions.markdown

# any edits you make will immediately be picked up and updated in your browser session

How to publish

Once you have written and previewed your post, you will need to commit and push any changes you made to both your source .md files and compiled .html files.

jekyll build
git add -u

# if needed, add new content
git add content/* 

git commit -m 'my new post'
git push upstream