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Axemblr Provisionr Build Status

Simple Service for Managing Pools of 10s or 100s of Virtual Machines

With Provisionr we want to solve the problem of cloud portability by hiding completely the API and only focusing on building a cluster that matches the same set of assumptions on all clouds, assumptions like: running a specific operating system (e.g. Ubuntu LTS), having the same set of pre-installed packages and binaries, sane dns settings (forward & reverse ip resolution - as needed for Hadoop), ntp settings, networking settings, ssh admin access, vpn access etc.


  • Can provision 10s or 100s of virtual machines across multiple clouds
  • Fully persistent granular internal workflows based on Activiti
  • The application server can be restarted at any time with no impact
  • Has a modular architecture based on OSGi and Apache Karaf
  • Can be used as an interactive tool or as a REST service (work in progress)

How does it look like?

For each cloud provider we define an Activiti pool management process similar to this:

Sample pool management process

You can use Activiti Explorer to inspect the process while running:

Activiti Explorer

... and manage everything from an interactive shell:


Who is behind this?

Core developers:


Apache License Version 2.0 http://apache.org/licenses/LICENSE-2.0.txt

Get involved in the community

For those of you who really dig our software, we have created two mailing lists that yo can join depending on your involvement:

Join us on IRC channel #axemblr on irc.freenode.net.

We appreciate any kind of help so don't heasitate.

Supported cloud providers

We are working on making all this run as expected on Amazon EC2 & CloudStack

How to create a distribution?

You can build a binary release by running:

$ ./scripts/create_distribution.sh 

And you will find the .tar.gz file in:


How to run?

Extract the custom Karaf distribution:

$ cd karaf/assembly/target/
$ tar xvfz com.axemblr.provisionr-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT.tar.gz
$ cd com.axemblr.provisionr-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT

Start and configure the Amazon provisionr:

$ ./bin/provisionr
provisionr [0.0.1-SNAPSHOT] $ config:edit com.axemblr.provisionr.amazon
provisionr [0.0.1-SNAPSHOT] $ config:proplist
    service.pid = com.axemblr.provisionr.amazon
    secretKey = secret
    felix.fileinstall.filename = file:[...]/etc/com.axemblr.provisionr.amazon.cfg
    region = us-east-1
    accessKey = access
provisionr [0.0.1-SNAPSHOT] $ config:propset accessKey "XXXXXXX"
provisionr [0.0.1-SNAPSHOT] $ config:propset secretKey "XXXXXXX"
provisionr [0.0.1-SNAPSHOT] $ config:update
provisionr [0.0.1-SNAPSHOT] $ config:list "(service.pid=com.axemblr.provisionr.amazon)"

Create a pool:

provisionr [0.0.1-SNAPSHOT] $ provisionr:create --id amazon --key mypool --size 2 --hardware-type m1.small
provisionr [0.0.1-SNAPSHOT] $ provisionr:pools 
Pool{provider=Provider{id='amazon', endpoint='', accessKey='XXXXXXX', options='{region=us-east-1}'}, 
network=Network{type=default, ingress=[Rule{cidr=, ports=(-1?-1], protocol=ICMP}, 
Rule{cidr=, ports=[22?22], protocol=TCP}], options={}}, adminAccess=AdminAccess{username='andreisavu', 
publicKey='ssh-rsa ....'}, software=Software{baseOperatingSystem='default', files={}, 
packages=[git-core, vim], options={}}, hardware=Hardware{type='t1.micro', options={}}, minSize=1, 
cacheBaseImage=false, expectedSize=1, bootstrapTimeInSeconds=900, options={}}
Business Key: mypool

You should see an Activiti process in execution:

provisionr [0.0.1-SNAPSHOT] $ activiti:list

BPMN Deployments
 ID   Name                               Deployment Time         
[1  ][com.axemblr.provisionr.amazon    ][Dec 13, 2012 1:52:05 PM]
[5  ][com.axemblr.provisionr.cloudstack][Dec 13, 2012 1:52:07 PM]

BPMN Process Definitions
 Definition ID   Name            Ver  Resource                                
[amazon:1:4    ][Amazon Process][1  ][OSGI-INF/activiti/amazon.bpmn20.xml    ]
[cloudstack:1:8][cloudstack    ][1  ][OSGI-INF/activiti/cloudstack.bpmn20.xml]

History of BPMN Process Instances
 Def  Ins  Sta  End 

Active BPMN Process Instances
 Definition  Ins  Executions    
[amazon:1:4][9  ][13,14,16,19,9]

Make sure you also check the Activiti Explorer at (login kermit:kermit):


If you want to manage Apache Karaf you can access the webconsole at


And don't forget to destroy the pool

provisionr [0.0.1-SNAPSHOT] $ provisionr:destroy --id amazon --key mypool    

How to build?

Maven as usual:

$ mvn clean install 

This will download dependencies, compile the sources and run unit tests and some of the integration tests (karaf feature install)

How to test?

All the unit tests are executed as part of the normal build.

For SSH tests we assume the current user can do “ssh localhost” and authenticate automatically using the local ssh keys.

You can run tests against a specific cloud provider for individual activities by running:

$ ./scripts/activities_test.sh ID # (amazon or cloudstack)

Or you can the test the pool management process as a whole by running:

$ ./scripts/process_test.sh ID # (amazon or cloudstack) 

Your cloud provider credentials should be in ~/.m2/settings.xml or sent as system properties