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Release Notes - MRQL 0.9.0
New Features
[MRQL-1] New MRQL website
[MRQL-4] Create a testbed for MRQL queries using JUnit
[MRQL-2] Mavenize MRQL
[MRQL-5] JSON parser has a null scanner
[MRQL-7] Refactor directory layout to be more Maven compliant
[MRQL-9] Make BSP mode compatible with Hama 0.7.0
[MRQL-10] Add dist module to generate release tarball
[MRQL-3] some trivial code improvements
[MRQL-6] Add developers guide to the website
[MRQL-8] Overload projections to work on JSON data
[MRQL-12] Support query evaluation in Spark mode
[MRQL-11] Establish whether "Apache MRQL" is a suitable name
[MRQL-13] Umbrella task for first Apache MRQL release
[MRQL-14] Add the "-SNAPSHOT" suffix
[MRQL-15] Setup svnpubsub for the MRQL dist directory
[MRQL-16] correct source files. ASF licenses, and POMs for release
[MRQL-18]: correct NOTICE, DISCLAIMER, xdoc