HTRACE-180 Move the GUI to a top-level subproject. (stack via cmccabe)

Create new module named htrace-webapp to house webapp. Add a pom to it
that generates a WAR file. Move the web dir from htrace-htraced to this
new module at src/main/web Added a web.xml so WAR builds. Changed the
symlink over in htrace-htraced/go/ to point at the new
location.  Fixed a bug where the java REST client was looking for
htraced in the wrong location.
44 files changed
tree: b0114817f2f497cc10f9f0d623ed75406cbda19c
  1. bin/
  2. htrace-c/
  3. htrace-core/
  4. htrace-flume/
  5. htrace-hbase/
  6. htrace-htraced/
  7. htrace-webapp/
  8. htrace-zipkin/
  9. src/
  10. tools/
  11. .gitignore
  12. BUILDING.txt
  13. DISCLAIMER.txt
  14. LICENSE.txt
  15. NOTICE.txt
  16. pom.xml


HTrace is a tracing framework for use with distributed systems.

See documentation at src/main/site/markdown/ or at