Building HTrace

Publishing a Release Candidate


Publishing website

Checkout the current website. It is in svn (that‘s right, subversion). The website is in a distinct location such that when its’ content is svn committed, the commit is published as

Here is how you'd check out the current site into a directory named in the current directory:

$ svn checkout

Next, run the site publishing script at ${HTRACE_CHECKOUT_DIR}/bin/ It will dump out usage information that looks like this: $ ./bin/ Usage: ./bin/ [-i | -a] [-g <dir>] [-s <dir>] -h Show this message -i Prompts the user for input -a Does not prompt the user. Potentially dangerous. -g The local location of the HTrace git repository -s The local location of the HTrace website svn checkout Either -i or -a is required. Edit the script to set default Git and SVN directories.

To run the publish site script interactively, here is an example where the git checkout is at ~/checkouts/incubator-htrace and the svn checkout is at ~/checkouts/

$ ./bin/ -i -g ~/checkouts/incubator-htrace -s ~/checkouts/