HTRACE-183 Have go build into the target dir rather than under src

Move go from src/go to go.

Change where htraced looks for the web dir from ../../web to ../web.

Have create a symlink to the web dir at src/web beside
the go dir so can do in-situ development.
36 files changed
tree: c308cfb0c246dc2da432b5facc910f0a2da5142d
  1. bin/
  2. htrace-c/
  3. htrace-core/
  4. htrace-flume/
  5. htrace-hbase/
  6. htrace-htraced/
  7. htrace-zipkin/
  8. src/
  9. tools/
  10. .gitignore
  11. BUILDING.txt
  12. DISCLAIMER.txt
  13. LICENSE.txt
  14. NOTICE.txt
  15. pom.xml


HTrace is a tracing framework for use with distributed systems.

See documentation at src/main/site/markdown/ or at