Update release-notes

- fix 1.2.0 statements regarding samples bundle
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@@ -3,9 +3,8 @@
 The release includes a number of minor SDK bugfixes and enhancements listed below.
-A release now includes two source bundles:
+A release now consists of a single bundle:
   - Edgent SDK bundle
-  - Edgent Samples bundle
 A release now publishes the Edgent SDK jars in Apache Nexus Release
 repository which are automatically mirrored to the Maven Central repository.
@@ -14,10 +13,13 @@
 tool included in the Samples source bundle can be used to create such
 a bundle.
-A user now builds the samples from the released Samples source bundle
+Samples have been migrated to their own repository
+A user now builds the samples from the Samples repository
 much as a real application developer might.
 Pre-built samples jars are no longer released.  
-The Samples bundle includes an Edgent Application project template
+The Samples include an Edgent Application project template
 and some tools.
 There have been many updates to the Edgent website (https://edgent.apache.org/)