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Apache Edgent (incubating) 1.3.0
TODO - summary
New Features
EDGENT-439 Optionally specify TCP port for Edgent console
Incompatible API changes
Known Issues
Open JIRAs may be found at
Bug Fixes
Miscellaneous changes
EDGENT-440 Eliminate undesired artifacts in Nexus/MavenCentral
Apache Edgent (incubating) 1.2.0
The release includes a number of minor SDK bugfixes and enhancements listed below.
A release now consists of a single bundle:
- Edgent SDK bundle
A release now publishes the Edgent SDK jars in Apache Nexus Release
repository which are automatically mirrored to the Maven Central repository.
A binary bundle (tgz) is no longer released. The new ``
tool included in the Samples source bundle can be used to create such
a bundle.
Samples have been migrated to their own repository
A user now builds the samples from the Samples repository
much as a real application developer might.
Pre-built samples jars are no longer released.
The Samples include an Edgent Application project template
and some tools.
There have been many updates to the Edgent website (
related to the above:
- updated Getting Started Guide
- updated Downloads page
- a new The Power of Edgent page
- updated FAQ page
- a new Quickstart with Edgent Samples page
- a new Edgent Application Development page
There are some additional changes affecting the
use of Edgent in developing Edgent applications:
The names of the Edgent jars now conform to standard
practices: "." has been replaced with "-" and the Edgent SDK
versionId is now included.
Almost all of the Edgent SDK jars are now available for the Java7 and Android platforms.
The websocket connector jar names have been changed:
* `edgent-connectors-websocket-<ver>.jar` was `edgent.connectors.websocket.wsclient-javax.websocket.jar`
* `edgent-connectors-websocket-base-<ver>.jar` was `edgent.connectors.wsclient.jar`
* `edgent-connectors-websocket-misc-<ver>.jar` was `edgent.javax.websocket.jar`
* `edgent-connectors-websocket-jetty-<ver>.jar` was `javax.websocket-client.jar`
See the `JAVA_SUPPORT` documentation on the Downloads page details.
From the perspective of building, development, and releasing
Edgent, Maven is now used for the build tooling.
The file has been updated accordingly.
New Features
EDGENT-428 Add suppoort for csv in MetricsSetup
EDGENT-409 Add analytics.math3.Aggregations
EDGENT-407 JsonFunctions: more convenience functions
EDGENT-393 Add Ranges.outsideOf()
EDGENT-273 Add scripts, etc to enable building samples
Incompatible API changes
Known Issues
Open JIRAs may be found at
Bug Fixes
EDGENT-429 JobMonitorApp.closeJob() doesn't wait for close
EDGENT-423 Range.toStringUnsigned() not supported on Java7/Android
EDGENT-396 JobMonitorApp restarts job 3 times more than it should
Miscellaneous changes
EDGENT-441 Adjust Kafka tests for slow consumer startup
EDGENT-438 Improve WebSocketClientTest skip-if-cant-connect
EDGENT-436 Change tests that use complete() TMO for successful runs
EDGENT-435 CME in TrackingScheduledExecutor seen with testMultiTopologyPollWithError()
EDGENT-434 Desensitize PlumbingTest.testParallelBalanced
EDGENT-433 Automatically bump some TMO values when running CI test context
EDGENT-432 Reduce runtime of some WindowsTest tests
EDGENT-431 Cleanup some console code hygiene warnings
EDGENT-422 Desentize FileStreamsTextFileWriterTest
EDGENT-419 Remove use of java8 default interface methods by tests
EDGENT-418 LICENSE/NOTICE in .war are wrong
EDGENT-417 Remove old ant-build cruft
EDGENT-413 Simplify download experience
EDGENT-408 MqttOpenTest failing due to unhealthy
EDGENT-406 Improve doc for APplicationServiceMXBean.registerJar()
EDGENT-405 Improve IotProvider doc wrt ApplicationService.registerJar
EDGENT-401 Clarify jsonConfig arg in ApplicationServiceMXBean
EDGENT-399 Fix
EDGENT-219 WindowsTest.keyedTimeBatchWIndowTest isn't robust
EDGENT-31 FileStreamsTextFileWriterTest.testRetainAgeBased test fails
Apache Edgent (incubating) 1.1.0
The release includes a number of minor bugfixes and enhancements listed below.
See EDGENT-379 below for important information related to the
Edgent connector for the IBM Watson IoT Platform.
See EDGENT-380 below for information about the MQTT connector.
The release has new external jar dependencies for building Edgent.
An Eclipse based Edgent runtime build environment will encounter failures
until you rerun "./gradlew setupExternalJars" and refresh and rebuild your
workspace. See for information about building Edgent.
New Features
EDGENT-377 Add IotGateway and IotpGateway
This feature is incubating. See the classes Javadoc.
EDGENT-376 Support an edge device using both the Edgent API and WIoTP "Managed Device" APIs
EDGENT-375 Support publishing WIoTP device events using HTTP
EDGENT-370 Add static IotProvider.getPreferences()
EDGENT-367 Add autoSubmit capability to IotProvider
Incompatible API changes
Known Issues
Open JIRAs may be found at
Bug Fixes
EDGENT-374 IotProvider edgentControl commands are silent no-ops under some failure conditions
EDGENT-373 IotProvider needs to log more info upon edgentControl command request failures
EDGENT-366 Tolerate trailing spaces in serverURLs in MqttConfig properties file
EDGENT-333 FileStreamsTextFileWriterTest mishandling string to byte
EDGENT-332 WebSocketTest test*Byte() mishandling string to byte
EDGENT-331 HttpConnector put/post mishandling string to byte
EDGENT-319 CommandStreamsTest* tests fail on MS Windows
EDGENT-318 Javadoc overview mentions wrong jar name for slf4j jdk impl
EDGENT-316 Fix warnings from aggregateJavadoc build task
EDGENT-310 KafkaStreamsTestManual.testSimple() fails with no local zk of kafka servers
EDGENT-234 Console: broken doc links
EDGENT-200 Console: stream hovers in oplet kind lack layout tuple counts
Miscellaneous changes
EDGENT-381 Update NOTICES for 2017
EDGENT-380 Upgrade the MQTT connector to use paho-mqtt 1.1.0
EDGENT-379 Upgrade to the WIoTP 0.2.2 Java client API
Upgrade the Edgent connector for the IBM Watson IoT Platform to use
the WIoTP 0.2.2 Java client API.
Note: the WIoTP API changed the way it publishes device events.
See the "Migration from release 0.1.5 to 0.2.1" information at
for details including how to revert the behavior if needed.
for general release information about the WIoTP Java client API.
EDGENT-365 IotProvider device commands table has bad information
EDGENT-363 Clarify / disallow null topology names
EDGENT-362 Fix javadoc for PlumbingStreams.gate
EDGENT-361 Add a periodic usage example for FileStreams.textFileReader
EDGENT-329 Add Apache rat task to builds
EDGENT-328 Make writing-a-connector info easier to locate
EDGENT-325 Improve doc for jdbc, kafka, and java7 tests
EDGENT-321 Add full collection of release management buildTools
EDGENT-308 Is it possible to use poll() with FileStreams together
Apache Edgent (incubating) 1.0.0
The first official Apache Edgent release
New Features
EDGENT-8 Restart topology on uncaught exception
EDGENT-21 Create test application using GPS/OBD sensors
EDGENT-22 Add functionality to sample the tuples in a stream
EDGENT-91 Support joining a stream against another stream/window
EDGENT-96 Add an HTTP POST utility method
EDGENT-114 Have IotProvider start applications using ApplicationService
EDGENT-117 Support IotProvider on Java 7 and Android
EDGENT-128 update to Watson IoT Platform release
EDGENT-166 Add Gate plumbing
EDGENT-173 Add load balanced parallel()
EDGENT-178 console: stream hover should report "alias" in addition to tags
EDGENT-198 Accessibility enhancements to Javadoc
EDGENT-200 Console: stream hovers in oplet kind layout lack tuple counts
EDGENT-214 testFileWriter needs to support compressed rolling log generation
EDGENT-215 Job control gets unregistered from ControlService after job gets closed (BUG)
EDGENT-217 promote IoT device heart beat to a connector utility
EDGENT-218 Add multivariable JsonAnalytics
EDGENT-220 add things to help with csv strings
EDGENT-226 Add connector for "command / OS process"
EDGENT-304 Always build{hardware,topology}.jar
Incompatible changes
EDGENT-232 Rename Quarks to Edgent
Rename packages from quarks.* to org.apache.edgent.*
Rename jars from quarks.jar to edgent.*.jar
EDGENT-236 Rename Iotf connector to Iotp
Rename package to org.apache.edgent.connectors.iotp
Rename jar to edgent.connectors.iotp.jar
EDGENT-139 Rename ./ext/slf4j-1.7.12/slf4j-jdk14-1.7.12.jar
This jar was available to Edgent applications to provide them and the
Edgent runtime with an SLF4J logging implementation.
The name is now ./ext/slf4j-jdk14-1.7.12.jar
Miscellaneous changes
EDGENT-139 Replace Ant build with Gradle tooling
EDGENT-261 Remove all third party jars from the Edgent repository
EDGENT-263 Add source tgz generation
EDGENT-271 Conform to license and notice standards for binary bundle
EDGENT-272 Conform to license and notice standards for source bundle
EDGENT-281 Change release bundle names
the bundles are now org.apache.edgent-<version>-{src,bin}.tgz
EDGENT-281 Change the name of the directory that a binary release bundle extracts to
An official release bundle extracts to "edgent-<version>"
A snapshot release bundle extracts to "edgent-<version>-SNAPSHOT-<date>-<time>"
EDGENT-281 Change names and/or versions of some external dependency jars in the binary release bundle
Mentioned for completeness but those jars are intended
to be private the Edgent runtime components.
Known Issues
None yet
Bug Fixes
EDGENT-6 Change in JOB MXBean ObjectName causing console not to getch jobs
EDGENT-83 Getting Started documentation page should tell how to build Quarks or explain releases are not Apache
EDGENT-97 Document HTTPStreams.getJson
EDGENT-120 bad graph generation with certain API / oplet sequence
EDGENT-130 Application hands when trying to read commands from iotf
EDGENT-137 Tuple count: Source oplet flows into Peek. Source tuple count is less than Peek's count.
EDGENT-152 "Quarks SPI" javadoc group declared but not generated
EDGENT-164 Navigation menu works the wrong way
EDGENT-167 width of FanOut output streams is wrong
EDGENT-168 Console Splitter properties hover output tags wrong
EDGENT-169 Console: hover on stream between Filter and Peek doesn't report tuple count
EDGENT-171 Remove JobMXBean,State or Job.State
EDGENT-172 Add stateChange() to JobMXBean
EDGENT-177 Job name not set correctly for control service
EDGENT-179 console: oplet coloring gradients "too close"
EDGENT-180 Calling stateChange(CLOSE) on JobMXBean does not change its state fully
EDGENT-187 Console: TopologyTesstBasic doesn't render after QUARKS-22 changes
EDGENT-188 Console metric propagation shouldn't traverse non-injected metric ops
EDGENT-189 Undesirable metric op injection
EDGENT-201 Make the quarks console keyboard navigible
EDGENT-207 Iotf connect does not receive commands when only subscribing to to commands
EDGENT-208 Improve TWindow aggregate() javadoc
EDGENT-209 No need to insert PlumbingStreams.isolate after JobEvents.source
EDGENT-210 Submit an app, closing an app and the attempting to resubmit an app "kills" the parent app
EDGENT-213 testFileWriter is naming rolling log files with day-in-year not day-in-month
EDGENT-247 "ant release" with ANDROID_SDK_PLATFORM set fails
EDGENT-255 StreamScope.setEnabled(true) resets buffer if already enabled
EDGENT-257 samples.scenarios.iotp no longer functional
EDGENT-307 Improve supported platform documentation