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set -uex
virtualenv venv # Create vent in the sandbox.
# Using python to run pip and vagrant_mysos_executor because the shebang in venv/bin/pip can
# exceed system limit and cannot be executed directly.
# 'protobuf' is a a dependency of mesos.interface's but we install it separately because otherwise
# 3.0.0-alpha is installed and it breaks the mesos.interface install.
venv/bin/python venv/bin/pip install --find-links /home/vagrant/mysos/deps \
'protobuf==2.6.1' mesos.native
venv/bin/python venv/bin/pip install --pre --find-links /home/vagrant/mysos/deps --find-links . \
venv/bin/python venv/bin/vagrant_mysos_executor