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import random
import string
import nacl.exceptions
import nacl.secret
import nacl.utils
class PasswordBox(object):
Implements password encryption using PyNaCl.
class Error(Exception): pass
def __init__(self, key):
self._secret_box = nacl.secret.SecretBox(key)
def encrypt(self, plaintext):
return self._secret_box.encrypt(
plaintext, nacl.utils.random(nacl.secret.SecretBox.NONCE_SIZE))
except nacl.exceptions.CryptoError as e:
raise self.Error("Failed to encrypt the password: %s" % e)
def decrypt(self, encrypted):
return self._secret_box.decrypt(encrypted)
except nacl.exceptions.CryptoError as e:
raise self.Error("Failed to decrypt the password: %s" % e)
def match(self, plaintext, encrypted):
return plaintext == self._secret_box.decrypt(encrypted)
def gen_password():
"""Return a randomly-generated password of 21 characters."""
return ''.join(random.choice(
string.ascii_uppercase +
string.ascii_lowercase +
string.digits) for _ in range(21))
def gen_encryption_key():
"""Return a randomly-generated encryption key of 32 characters."""
return nacl.utils.random(nacl.secret.SecretBox.KEY_SIZE)